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One of the things I love about blogging is that I’ve made some lovely friends over the last four years.  People whose paths would never have crossed mine and maybe, in some cases, people who perhaps wouldn’t be a natural ‘fit’ for me in real life.  Our shared love of blogging brings us together.


A group of us decided that it would be a good idea to have semi-regular meet-ups, nothing set in stone of course because … LIFE … but we’ve all recognised how good it is for us to meet up in person from time to time, instead of behind a screen.


Our middle meeting point is Bluewater, which is only a 20 minute drive for me, so I drove straight there after dropping Dexter off at school.  I even got there before most of the shops opened and trust me, a quiet Bluewater is a much nicer place to be!  So this week I met up with the lovely Katrina from Cool Bananas blog (mad as a box of frogs that one!) and Alison, Not Another Mummy Blog, both of whom I went to Rhodes with last month.  (Did I mention I went to Rhodes?!  You can read about that here!)  They’re brilliant company, such warm people to be around, and sharp as anything.  Then there was Alice from An Essex Wife, someone I really enjoy sharing writing ideas with, but who is ALWAYS late (she lives the wrong side of the M25!) and last but not least, Kelly from Domestic Goddesque who is probably the poshest person I’ve ever know.  Ever.


These lovely ladies are not only great company but they bought me a muffin (salted caramel no less) and stuck a lit candle in it for my birthday!!!


Anyway, I made a little video of my trip, which is basically me just window shopping for Christmas stuff … but I found some great music to go with it so watch it if only for that!







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  1. Brilliant vid! How many nice boots do M&S have?! Will be having a look in there…
    Is it sad that as you were driving into Bluewater, I was thinking ‘ooh I wonder which carpark she’ll park in!’ haha! We usually go for the outdoor HofF car park as it’s usually the quietest (fun fact for you).

  2. Mad as a box of frogs hey?! hehe. Yup, that’s me!! I love your videos i do 🙂 shall be taking tips from you as soon as get the courage to make my own, eek. Lovely to see you, looking forward to the next cawfeee date already xxx

    1. The frog thing is definitely a term of endearment!!! I think you’re ace! Dude, you should TOTALLY vlog … you’d definitely be a natural. I’m happy to give you all (both) of my top tips! x

  3. Blogging friends are just fab! Sounds like you had a great meet-up 🙂 As much as I’d love to come and join you next time I’ve just looked and it’ll take me 2 hours (1 tube, 1 train, 1 bus) to get to Bluewater 🙁 So for now it’ll have to be online catching up, unless I can tempt you into London to meet with me, Sarah and Vanessa…..?? xx

  4. I am SO envious…..of your meet up and of you living so close to Bluewater!
    I will say that I watch this video with a tinge of anxiety as I worried about you crashing your car/tripping over a step/walking into a door as you videoed….I know I’d have done all three if I’d been recording myself as well 🙂 x

    1. Oh don’t worry about me … I’m (relatively) safe! 🙂 Meeting up IRL is a new gig for us really but I’m so glad we’re doing it … sharing ideas, swapping stories, encouraging each other … it’s fab! Obviously, it would be even better if you were here too 🙂 x

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