So it’s my birthday today. Happy Birthday to me!


I don’t know if you’re like me, but the older I get, the less birthdays seem to mean.  Actually, what I mean is … they just mean something different.  There’s no partying, and thankfully no hangover.  There will be one present, or two if I’m lucky.  There will be minimal fuss.  After all, who really wants to acknowledge they’re not considered ‘young’ anymore! But actually, when I stop and think about it, I love being post-40 … and it’s difficult to explain exactly why.  I just feel a huge sense of … calm? Relief? Contentment?


All of the above?


There’s something about being in my 40’s that just sits well with me. I’m happy with my life. I see friends going through the trials and tribulations of rollercoaster relationships and, for once, I feel lucky not to be the one that’s in one! (It’s normally me, trust me.)


I feel excited about next year and plans are afoot to really go out of my comfort zone (more of that in another blog post) … and I just think that although I may be unofficially halfway through my life, I’m not scared of what’s ahead.


When you’re single, you often look to other people (and even social media networks!) to give you a lift sometimes, because there’s no-one at home that can do that for you. I’m lucky that I have a great group of friends online and a best friend at home, because being single on your birthday can feel kinda lonely.


But I haven’t felt lonely today. I’ve felt loved.


So this post is just to thank everyone who went out of their way today to wish me a Happy Birthday … and to make this single 40-something woman feel special.



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  1. I had a birthday a few weeks ago. It meant little but also a lot, being a single mom, not having other family (than a 6 3/4 year old) in the area. A friend came through but it wasn’t the best. I like your post. I don’ know why it mattered that I felt lonely or why I did, I haven’t before. Nest year it will be different! Have a wonderful day and an even better year! x

    1. Thanks Jenny and Happy Birthday for a few weeks ago! I’ve just realised that I think I feel lonely mainly because Mum’s not here, not necessarily because I’m single … that just highlights the fact there are so few special people in my life – but maybe I’ve deliberately kept it that way 🙂 x

  2. I totally agree with you. I feel very happy being post 40. A sense of contentment coming from the fact that the kids are no longer in nappies and in need of constant attention, I’m settled in my marriage, and life is offering lots of new opportunities right now. Lets here it for the 40s! PS Happy Birthday!

    1. I love hearing from other women who feel content post-40 and although I don’t have a partner, my kids are getting older and I’m finally doing a job I love! And thank you, I’ve had a lovely birthday week!

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