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My very good blogging friend, Rosie Shelley (you might know her as Rosie Scribble), has a new venture.  It’s all rather exciting and I’m extremely proud of her for being so brave and creating something so wonderful.


Pamper Parcels’ concept came about when Rosie, like a lot of us, was busy trying ‘to do it all’ … work, family, commuting – but she realised that if she didn’t take time to look after herself, she’d be no use to anyone.  I think we all know that feeling. And so the idea of Pamper Parcels was born – gifts to send to loved ones (or yourself!) so that you can just take a little time out and revive yourself.


The other unique thing about Pamper Parcels is its ethics.  Rosie wants to give back – to the environment, to nature, to local communities or to workers in the developing world.  Everything is Fairtrade or organic and ethically sourced, so whilst you relax, there’s no guilt (well, a lot less!) and someone, somewhere else, is benefiting too.


One thing I did miss as I unveiled the box (and it wasn’t on purpose, honest!) … was that within each parcel is a little gift for you to pass on to a friend – or even a stranger if you’re brave enough.  In fact, that’s a great idea!  You know I love a Random Act of Kindness!  So to spread the happiness a little further, there was a delicious chocolate bar hidden inside for me to pass on.  And pass it on I will … eventually 🙂


Anyway, the video speaks for itself and hopefully does the Pamper Parcel justice.  If you have any questions, please ask away – details of how to find Pamper Parcels are listed below!





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