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I’m not a great morning person #understatement …  so thought it would be an awesome idea if I made this week’s #VlogChallenge prompt ‘Your Typical Morning.’  Superb!


Anyway, I filmed my morning last Friday and here it is.  A few people have remarked that actually, it’s not that hectic, but if I’m honest I think maybe I just chose a particularly calm day to film.  I knew I was off for a facial so I was zenned out at the mere thought of it.  Good job I didn’t film what I looked like after!


(By the way, this morning was a nightmare – Dexter ended up playing on the PS3 until 8.25am … we’ll be talking about that this evening!)



Would love to hear what you think!  And of course, Nickie and I would love to have you on board with #VlogChallenge … we have lots of exciting things planned!




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  1. Aww Kate, you made me chuckle with your voice over, you should totally have your own TV talk show 🙂 ps. The whole way through it was bugging me who i thought you sounded like……& it’s Jo Brand!! (that’s a good thing, i think she’s a legend). #sowrongbutsoright hehehe good ole M’s xx

  2. Hi Kate,
    I laughed so hard I almost choked on my cup of tea! Wow, your place seems calm and quiet in the morning. At my place there are kids fighting, and me screaming like a shrew because morning chores haven’t been done and it could mean I’m late for work.
    Thanks for showing your real morning face. I’ve just reached the age (47) where my morning face is a bit surprising to me – there are creases left by the pillow that don’t go away, funny blotches that seem to multiply overnight and dark circles under my eyes.

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