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There are some things in life I take very seriously. My children, obvs, and everything to do with them. Education. Health. Just how long Dexter is on that bloody PS3. But I’m also passionate about other things – being good at my job, making sure I surround myself with positive people and, my absolute favourite thing in the entire world, sleep.


Yes, sleep.


At the grand ‘old’ age of 43, there are very few things in life that give me as much pleasure as my bed. (Stop giggling at the back!) And the importance of sleep becomes clearer the older I get.


I’m horrendous without sleep. Grumpy, moody, rather insufferable I’d say. Suffice to say, I’m not a morning person. So it’s really important for me, and especially the kids who have to live with me, that I get a good night’s sleep.


My First Pillow Spray


And that’s when I remembered a small bottle of Elemis pillow spray that I had left on my bedside table somewhere. I can’t even be sure who gave it to me but I think it was left on my pillow when I cruised with Royal Caribbean last year. #namedrop


And sure enough, there it was amongst Fruitella sweet wrappers, a nail file and half a bar of Galaxy.


I had no expectations but thought I’d spritz my pillow that night.




I slept like an absolute LEGEND. I didn’t put 2 & 2 together at the time but sprayed my pillow again the follow night and yup, nearly slept through my alarm I slept that well.


It was like I’d found the Holy Grail of sleeping.


And then I dropped the bottle and most of it leaked out onto the carpet, leaving me with a mere dribble. A mere dribble of anything is no good to anyone.


I realised I was now a pillow spray addict. I also realized that I should get out more if this was the highlight of my day and that I am, in fact, also writing about it.


Anyway, I searched for stockists that held this SLEEP ELIXIR … only to be told *drum roll*, they’ve only gone and blummin discontinued it.


What to Buy Next?


I did some research and asked friends online and plumped for the two you can see in the picture above.


The Cussons Mum & Me bottle was half price at approximately £2.50, the Re:Balance spray was £6.30 I think.


And you’ll never guess what I did. Somehow, the top of the metal bottle unscrewed slightly and leaked all over my bed! So yet again, half of it has gone already … but at least my duvet smells nice!


The Bump spray isn’t technically a pillow spray, you actually spray it in the air – kinda in the vicinity of the bed. Bit like Fabreze!


They both smelt OK … nowhere near as nice as the Elemis one, but they did the trick. Slept like a bloody baby.


A few other top sleeping tips:


  • Instead of putting a lamp on, light a candle. I find the flickering rather mesmerising and it definitely makes me sleepy.


  • Get the right temperature for your room. As much as I like to have a window open, I know that the ‘lovely man’ next door will start his noisy van up at 7am sharp so I just keep my bedroom door open instead for some air circulation. Obviously, if it’s roasting outside, I open the window. But that brings me onto …


  • If you’re a light sleeper or you too have inconsiderate neighbours, get some earplugs – the squishy ones you can get from Boots that some people take on planes. Very cheap and very effective. (Although if you have to listen out for the kids they’re probably not the best idea!)


  • I make sure that my night-time drink is always water. Or champagne. Depending on the company. But keep hydrated.


  • I would suggest weaning yourself off all technology late at night but if you’re anything like me you’ll be on your phone or laptop until it’s lights out. I have no doubt that putting your electronics away earlier in the evening will have a positive effect on your sleep.


  • I am really weird about my pillows. I have certain pillows for reading and certain pillows for sleeping – in fact, I know I’ve had my sleeping pillows WAY too long. But I don’t care. They’re quite thin so that I don’t find my neck raised off the bed too high. Sounds weird, but you know what I mean.


  • I find stress is the number one killer for sleep and I’ve spent the last couple of years doing my best to remove stress from my life – starting with asking the ex to go! But miserable relatinoships aside, surround yourself with positive people, manage your debts as best as you can, work hard, play hard and above all, do your best to enjoy life … sleep will just naturally come to you.


  • Just one more tip about drinking, and I don’t know if this is relevant, but I rarely have caffeine after lunchtime. This is primarily because no bugger at home will make me one.


  • Sleep naked. Trust me, very liberating.


I’m going to try a few more pillow sprays out over the next few months and will let you know if I find one that is as lovely as the Elemis one.


What are your top tips for sleeping?




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