I don’t know if you remember me talking about Eddie from my local café, the old man that made me cry just by looking at his pitifully sad face. It’s a long story, but have a little catch up about him here,  here and here if you like.


So the story goes that I go to my cafe every morning for my usual medium, black, Americano – I’m nothing if not predictable, and on this particular morning, I decided to deliver a Random Act of Kindness to an old man called Eddie.  Eddie is a regular to this café, just like me, and what better gift to give someone than the gift of coffee! Oh, and love of course.  But I thought coffee would be better.  (Plus it was all I could afford if I’m honest!).


To cut a long story short, it actually took longer to deliver the gift than it should because I didn’t want him to know it was me.  I tried to explain to the cafe staff what I was trying to do but the message got somewhat lost in translation. Anyway, he finally got his coffee … on the one day I wasn’t there! But that was OK, I didn’t need to see his him receive the RAOK, I just like the idea of doing it … of making someone feel special, in whatever small a way.


Fast forward a few months and Eddie and I still come to the same café every morning.  I drop Dexter off to school, park the car and Eddie and I both get our regular tables.  I’m also happy to report that Eddie now sits with an elderly couple every morning and they always look like they have an awfully good time in each other’s company … it really makes my day to see him so happy after looking so sad all this time.  Isn’t it amazing what good company can do!


Anyway, as Eddie walked into the cafe this morning, just before he got his milky latte, I saw him approach the manager of the café – a very tall young man who is probably a lot more jolly than his face would otherwise suggest. Eddie stopped the manager, they shared a joke, and Eddie then reached into his pocket and brought out two small bags of sweets. promptly handing them over to the manager. I’m not sure exactly what was in one of the red and white striped paper bags … I’m sure it was completely kosher (you never know with Eddie!) … but I definitely spied some lemon sherbets in there somewhere.


I’m sure this little transaction had absolutely nothing to do with my Random Act of Kindness all those months ago, but it made me smile nonetheless – the thought that I had done something small for an elderly stranger and he, in turn, months down the line, had, for whatever reason, done something nice for the man that serves him coffee every day.


It has inspired me to think about what my next RAOK could be!


You see, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our daily routines and worry about everything – the family, money, the future, your waistline … but take a little time out to do something nice for someone you don’t know, however small.


I promise you, it’ll be worth it.




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