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I wrote earlier this week about how I’m a little stressed post-holiday (yes, yes, poor Kate with her fancy Mark Warner holiday to Rhodes!) … Ben’s going back to Uni and we’re in the midst of two days of the 11+ test for Dexter. TWO! So I thought I’d just look forward to the weekend and plan what we are going to do to take my mind off it.


We, like most families, have certain weekend rituals/routines/things we need to do and our Saturday normally goes like this:


07.00    I’ve set my alarm for 8.30 am but of course my body doesn’t realise it’s the weekend and wakes me at 7 am anyway. Cheers bodyclock.


08.00    I’ve now spent an hour catching up on the news in bed (via Twitter of course).


09.00    Off to Dexter’s football training. I don’t actually mind because it’s a great excuse to sit in the car with my best friend and have a good catch-up.


10.30    We haven’t eaten breakfast yet and so Dexter and I often go to our local Beefeater for breakfast as kids eat free – freshly cooked food and you can eat as much as you like! #winning


11.30    Off for a spot of grocery shopping. We both hate it and reward ourselves with a coffee/muffin/Twitter pitstop for me afterwards and a wander round Game/play on the PS4 in-store for Dexter.


14.00    Time for some housework or, as I like to call it, watching Netflix in bed.


17.00    I may have dozed off – nothing quite like a Saturday afternoon disco nap. Starting to think about what to have for tea … snooze for a bit longer or watch Dr Who or Sherlock (AGAIN!) with Dexter.


18.00    Make an executive decision to have Chinese for tea. Order exactly the same food we always order. (If you’re curious, prawn toast, boiled rice, beef in black bean sauce and Kung Po chicken!)


19.00    Chinese eaten and we start to settle down for our tradition of watching X Factor together. We normally watch it in my bed (I realise I sound awfully lazy at this point, I promise you I’m not … well, I am a bit on a Saturday afternoon) .. my bed is just so much more comfy than the landlady’s sofa!


20.00    Time for X Factor! It’s one of a handful of programmes that Dexter (at ten years old) and I can watch together. We laugh at the bad singers, scoff at the ‘sad stories’ and remark on how ridiculous it is to have eleventy billion adverts in one show.


But we love the X Factor and so I couldn’t resist taking this Radio Times quiz to find out what judge I would be! Can you guess? (The pretty one of course.)  And if you too are a fan and want to make things a little interesting, you could always put a small bet on to see who comes out on top!


I’m glad I got Cheryl because she fascinates me. From her fancy shmancy new name to her perfect make up and picture perfect outfits. See … we are SO similar! I’ve been shopping online lately and so I thought I’d see if I could put together my own choice of outfit for our Cheryl but instead of designer clothes, I’m going High Street baby! (Well, ASOS actually.)


cheryl cole outfit



What do you think?  Total price:  £145.


22.00    Time for bed for Dexter … he’s pretty good and normally goes without a fuss. I might watch The Office or a film on Netflix until I pass out at midnight.


I don’t exactly live a rock & roll lifestyle, granted, but it makes me happy and if I’m happy, generally speaking, Dexter is happy.



* I received a voucher to cover the costs of our night in watching X Factor.



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