As September has now formally announced itself and I’ve explained how much I love it in this post here … let’s just cut to the chase and talk birthdays.


Specifically mine.


Birthdays haven’t really been celebrated much in my household over the years … I say ‘birthdays’, I mean MY birthday.  Don’t get me wrong, I always get a card from the boys but my ex never really bothered much and money was always tight, so celebrations just went by the wayside.




So now I’m single and in a much better place, I always like to treat myself to at least one small new thing on my birthday.  My best friend always gets me something but when you don’t have a significant other it’s easy, as a single person, to just not bother with it all and let the day pass in a haze of gin and Sex & The City re-runs.


Well I say HELL NO!  I’m not going to let being single stop me having ALL THE FUN!


So today, as frustrating as it was shopping with no money, I thought I’d do a little window shopping to see what tickled my fancy.  Today’s shop of choice … Marks & Spencer.


I just pottered and took photos of the things I like … and hopefully, by the time my birthday rolls round at the end of the month, I will have chosen something to buy!


















Aren’t they all beautiful?!  I WANT THEM ALL!


So the question is … what should I buy?




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  1. SNAP! My birthday is this month too – the 22nd. I too like to treat myself, but more specifically to window shop, as I am in a never ending (so it feels) state of near destitution…le sigh.

    But still! BIRTHDAYS. Yay.

      1. Ain’t it the truth. I’m back in Aus studying to be a teacher at the moment, and I can’t wait to actually have a job that earns me real $$$ or even £££. The words ‘bones’ and ‘of my arse’ come to mind right now…

  2. I’m a firm believer in buying myself presents on my birthday! Hope it’s a lovely one and you buy ALL the things – they’re all brilliant 🙂 I’m a little bit in love with the deer purse. x

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