Now the children are safely back at school (huzzah!), now is the time to look ahead and thing about all the wonderful things September will bring.


OK, OK … it’s my birthday month, so I have a vested interest in September, but that aside (all presents and cards to my PO Box), September has to be my favourite month … and here’s why:


The Food


It somehow feels wrong to eat salad in September. Instead, it’s time for Apple & Blackberry Crumble with custard, Toad in the Hole and Beef Casserole (without dumplings I’m afraid!) Warm homemade Scotch Eggs with a runny centre, vanilla scented Rice Pudding with crispy skin on top and roast dinners smothered in piping hot gravy. Don’t forget the super-crispy crackling and horseradish laden Yorkshire puddings.


September is M&S Lemon Meringue Pie and a bag of Maltesers in bed. It’s Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows and it’s most definitely time for tea and biscuits every night – preferably a plain Digestive. I’m a woman of simple pleasures.


(I’d also add soup at this point but I’m afraid I’m not a fan.)


It’s peanut butter on toast. It’s gently spiced Apple Cake. It’s fresh juicy raspberries on boiling hot porridge.


September is food heaven.


The Clothes


As much as I love flip-flops, and believe me, I will wear them until there are holes in the bottom, I also adore boots. ALL the boots. Knee length boots, ankle boots … high heeled boots. Give me a boot, and I’ll wear it! So towards the end of September, when the nights are beginning to draw in and it’s getting more autumnal, there’s nothing nicer than slipping your feet into a warm pair of boots to go and do the school run, especially if it’s raining.


I’m also definitely a jumper lover and can’t think of anything nicer to wear when it’s cold – the softness, the warmth, the muted colours … it’s like walking around in a big hug!


Although I may have purchased a onesie last year, along with entire UK population, I actually prefer a nice old fashioned pair of pyjamas … complete with old lady slippers and dressing gown. Nothing beats the feeling of getting out of a scalding hot bath and putting your fleecy PJs on.


Weird I’m single really … I sound SO hot.


Cardigans and jeans, over-sized checked shirts and leggings, boots and thick, fluffy socks.  Perfection.


The TV


Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the return of some of our favourite TV programmes in September doesn’t at least unite us all. I know X Factor is staged and I know it’s all about the sob story, but it’s one of only a few programmes Dexter and I can watch together and thoroughly enjoy. I rarely hear him giggle as much as when we watch the bad auditions and so for that reason alone, the X factor makes my list.


Of course, let’s not forget the return of Strictly and it looks set to be a good one this year with some of my favourite people in it – notably Scott Mills and Jake Wood. Plus … sorry Sir Bruce, but THANK GOD BRUCIE HAS LEFT AND THE WINKLEMAN IS BACK! Claudia is enough reason to tune in.


Downton Abbey is a must-see but the Beeb have got some cracking dramas coming to our screens too.


The Weather


Aaah, I’ll miss the hot sunshine but we’ll see each other again soon (when I win the lottery and go to the Maldives for Christmas.) In the meantime, yes please to crunchy leaves underfoot, watching the torrential rain from the comfort of my lounge with the fire on and those crisp, bright mornings when the sky is so blue but your hands are so cold.


So there you have it … reasons why I love September. And I only managed to mention my birthday twice! Ooops, three times.


Do you love September as much as I do? (Is that possible?!)




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  1. oohhh I’m in the market for an oversized check shirt. Any recommendations? And yes, re the PJs – I never really understood the onsie, especially for cold night loo visits.

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