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Dexter goes back to school tomorrow and I feel a little blue. I’ve loved spending so much time with him this summer holiday because I’m normally stuck in an office for those six weeks whilst simultaneously selling a kidney on eBay to pay for the associated childcare.


I had planned to spend our last day together watching The Hobbit (again), wandering out for a leisurely lunch and putting aside his new school uniform so that there would be no panics in the morning.


And then this conversation happened:


Me:             “Are you sure you didn’t have any homework to do during the summer holidays?”

Dexter:      “Oh no! I remember now! Yes, I think I did.”


(Stay calm Kate, stay calm.)


Me:             “Right. So where is it?”

Dexter:       “Where’s what?”


I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating having children is. Unless, of course, you’re also a parent and know exactly where I’m coming from. I’ve lost count of the amount of times talking to Dexter has felt like talking to my shoe. It’s just like being married again.


So instead of having a leisurely lunch (with ALL the Prosecco), I’ve found myself in the depths of Dexter’s bedroom, searching for The Holy Grail … aka one sheet of A4 paper with instructions on what the hell he was meant to do six weeks ago.


Of course, we haven’t found it. Instead, I’ve found myself putting Vanish on rogue carpet stains, finding out that he broke his headboard months ago (found out by leaning on it and falling on the floor), realised we somehow had 4 copies of every Harry Potter film (all in the wrong boxes of course) and found three T shirts in his bed. That he sleeps with.


I’ve wet-wiped everything, including myself, I’ve found clothes he had said he’d lost, I’ve found and rescued two Daddy Long Legs and one spider and pricked myself on an assortment of school badges.


He hasn’t, of course, got off scott-free and is still in his room now after being given instructions on how to ‘correctly’ make his bed.


Pocket money has, of course, been rescinded this week.


I’ve had the most fantastic summer with my boys … we’ve done a lot together, and we’ve also chilled a lot together. I love my boys with everything I have (although granted, at this moment in time, I don’t have a great deal left) …. but tomorrow cannot come quick enough.


Are you looking forward to your little cherubs going back to school?





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  1. “I’ve lost count of the amount of times talking to Dexter has felt like talking to my shoe. It’s just like being married again.”

    hahahahaha – I hear ya!!! Enjoy tomorrow xx

  2. My eldests school was nice enough to put the list of homework that needed doing on their website…There was no getting out of it. lol
    We’ve had a great summer and I don’t want it to end but I do love the routine that school days bring.
    Good luck for tomorrow x

    1. Ha! Well I wish Dexter’s school had done the same so we could have avoided this whole thing! *sigh* I managed to get a Mum from school to take a photo of the homework and Whatsapp it. Aaah … modern technology at it’s finest. And also IN YOUR FACE DEXTER! 🙂 x

  3. I just read this and felt myself drain white….Shit! Do I recall a mention of summer homework? Has she done it? Did I dream it? I frantically called her downstairs…..she says there wasnt any, she just had to practice handwriting with her new pen pheeeeeeeeewwww!! (now just to hope she is telling the truth!!) X

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