Blue Lightning



Let me introduce you to Blue Lightning (above.)


I’ve had him for over eight years and he’s part of the family … well, as much as a car can be. (I know how weird this sounds, believe me.)  I’ve mentioned the poor bashed up back window (not door) that’s held together with duct tape a few times before … every time I look at it I feel bad that I’ve never been able to afford to repair him.  Poor bugger.


I’ve toyed with saving up to replace him a few times but a) SCHOOL UNIFORMS and b) Dexter has (weirdly) grown quite attached to the old thing. The car, not me. I think it’s the one constant he has in his life when everything around him has, at times, been chaotic.


Blue Lightning and I have a lot in common. It’s reliable, strong, a bit knackered but hardworking through and through. But even we have our off days and last week, for the first time ever, Blue got a puncture.


I heard the most irritating noise as we left football training and just presumed it was Dexter whining again. We drove to our local Beefeater for breakfast, as we normally do on a Saturday (kids eat free!), but the noise got louder and louder so I pulled over and, sure enough, there was a great big drawing pin type nail in the back tyre. Quite where these come from, I have no idea, but there it was.


The thing is, I’m just not prepared enough for Blue Lightning to fall apart. I have no kit in the boot to repair any flat tyres … I’m not even sure if there IS a spare tyre in the boot! If you’re like me, please make sure you’re better prepared. I do remember WAY back, my Dad teaching me how to change a tyre but it has got lost amidst a sea of useless information that’s rattling around upstairs.


I am a very proactive person so I Googled ‘how to change car tyres‘ online and read this pretty useful piece I found from the guys at Point S and thankfully I was able to repair the puncture without too much hassle.  I really should know how to do these things, and after all, it’s not something I can just pass onto someone else.  But I’ll be better prepared next time.


So poor old Blue Lightning, like me, fights to live another day. We’re nothing but resilient. Having said that, I can’t help but think that were someone to offer me a brand new, shiny car to replace him, I would bite their arm off. Literally BITE IT OFF.


Because what I’ve also realised as I’ve got older, is that I deserve the best. Whether that’s relationships or cars.


So watch this space. I have a feeling Blue Lightning’s time is nearly up.




* This is a collaborated post.




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