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It was a day like any other day … a typical Thursday. When I got out of bed that morning I had no idea what would end up happening that night. This is a cautionary tale and one that I feel I need to share with my readers because trust me, if this happened to me, it could happen to you.


I had had a busy day with the boy – uniform shopping at Bluewater, nuff said. By the evening, I was exhausted. I thought it would be a good idea to watch some TV that wasn’t too taxing (not sure I ever watch TV that is to be honest) … TV that didn’t require me to think, and then I remembered that a fellow blogger was going to be appearing on DIY SOS so thought it would be a show of support to tune in.


OH. MY. GOD. I cried so much that I literally felt like a wrung out dirty dishcloth (a nice analogy for you there.) If you didn’t watch it, iPlayer it … such a lovely family and a well deserved make-over for them.


Anyway, I was spent. A wreck. And then I watched Stammer School.


If anyone else watched that, you’ll know exactly what I mean. In fact, my best friend watched it first (I watched on +1) and she kept sending me crying emojis, telling me how sad it was. She even went as far as sending me a photo of her mid-cry, just to drive the point home and warn me, in case I was thinking about watching it.  (Granted, that does sound a bit weird reading that back.)


Honestly, I didn’t think I had any tears left so scoffed at her warnings. When 10pm came round, I put the show on and waited.


I was hysterical within ten minutes.


In my defence, anyone would have cried but I do think that the older I get, the more empathy I seem to have with those less fortunate. Whereas I may have found stammering mildly amusing when I was younger, now I just feel their pain.


And now I cried ALL the tears.


The point in telling you all of this is just to show you what state of mind I was in because I’m a very strong person normally. Honest I am.


Midnight rolled round and I was toying with going to sleep, but my eldest was due home from work shortly and always manages to wake me up so I thought I’d channel hop until I knew he was safely home.


And then it happened.


I clicked onto QVC.


I was tired and emotional. I WAS A BROKEN WOMAN! It wasn’t my fault!


They were demonstrating Bare Minerals and I’ve never used it before, and they just made the models look so pretty … and everyone needs new make-up brushes right? OK, so I already have 3 bottles of foundation, and technically … technically … I don’t need another eyeshadow, but I was so so tired, and before I knew it I’d found my credit card and had my phone in hand.


I had hoped to order it all before Ben came home. Before this despicable act was uncovered. Alas, he came home whilst I was on hold and caught me in the act.


And the deed was done.


I coughed up £45 on things I don’t need, things I’m not sure I even want but things that made models on TV look even more beautiful.


In the cold light of day, I’m not sure what happened last night. A momentary lapse in resolve, combined with QVC presenters doing what they do best … selling to people like me who just can’t say no in a moment of weakness.


Still, it could have been worse … had I not fallen asleep I would have bought the whole range!


So now I’ve popped my QVC cherry, I think I’m officially old. Anyone else been suckered in by late night shopping channels?





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  1. I’ve never succumb to QVC but did go through a stage of late night drunken eBay.

    All-in-One lycra policeman costume?

    Still, thought it’d be funny to wear it when answering the door to a friend.

    Should have checked my diary, was a VERY awkward flat inspection with my landlord.

  2. I’m too scared to watch those online shopping channels, they could sell oil to the Arabs!! Good thing bare minerals is so fabulous though…I can vouch for the product! 🙂

  3. Welcome to the world of QVC…I popped my cherry years ago while doing a night feed with my first born. I also do late night eBaying….bidding on stuff I don’t want or need because the auction is about to end. My life is one big party.

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