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You may have seen me write last week about how difficult it is to work as a freelancer during the school holidays whilst I have Dexter at home.  Having said that, I have tried really hard to balance working for my clients with having some quality time with the boys and, with that in mind, last Thursday turned out to be (and I quote Dexter …)  THE BEST DAY I’VE EVER HAD!


We started out by having breakfast at our local Beefeater restaurant with my best friend and her boy.  All the best days start out with an awesome fry up.  The plan was we would head over to The Hop Farm which is in Tonbridge, Kent, for a few hours, so that the boys could play in the Nerf Arena.  Now it’s not my cup of tea, for I am not a ten year old boy, but doesn’t THE NERF ARENA sound amazing?!


We ended up spending four hours there with the boys spending their tokens on random rides and powering up their Nerf guns … whilst Jo and I just sat in the sunshine and gossiped.  It was wonderful.  We even waited until the kids were out of sight until we snuck in an 99 so we could eat in peace for once … I never said we were perfect parents!


I had a blogging event to attend in the evening with Dexter in London so we drove home, got changed, then headed up to London.  Now I mentioned on Twitter last week that I’d never had a formal Afternoon Tea and that I should rectify that immediately.  Unfortunately, I can’t really afford The Ritz right now so did some research on other places that did a good Afternoon Tea near to Covent Garden and remembered my friend had been to BB Bakery.


I didn’t really need a reason to go so booked a table and we got there for 5pm.


BB Bakery


You might have seen the photos I plastered over Instagram.  Ermagherd.  It was amazing.  We had warm ciabatta filled with cheese and ham (winning), finger sandwiches (obligatory), then an array of dinky cakes that were literally perfection.  Lemon meringue tarts with Italian meringue on top that tasted like melted marshmallows, pecan and chocolate brownies, raspberry cakes, Macaroons to DIE FOR.  Honestly, it might have been expensive, but the £50 was worth it for the butterfly teapot alone.


BB Bakery



BB Bakery


We had some time to kill and even though we’ve been round Covent Garden before, there’s always something new to see.  Apart from the human statues .. they’re always there!


Covent Garden


We started by watching a guy from the Caribbean fold himself into a small, plastic box, followed by a man swallow a balloon sword and take the mickey out of all the children and tourists watching (harsh but funny).  We then heard an amazing young women sing (@SammieJayMusic), watched some Masterchefs … master chef on a bus and then, the piece de resistance … a Brazilian samba carnival dance right past us!  It was so much fun!


Masterchef Bus



Covent Garden



It was now time to go to the blogging event we’d been invited to which was Milo & Hectors Tremendous Ice Cream Sandwiches.


When a company is called that, you can’t really say no can you?


It was a late event, 8-10pm, which meant that there weren’t many bloggers there unfortunately, but it was an original and unique event so it just meant more ice cream, cookies and White Russians to go round!


Milo & Hector's Tremendous Ice Cream Sandwiches


The event was in the courtyard of the PR company and it was so pretty.  Fairy lights everywhere and a few rows of deckchairs and big comfy cushions for the kids to sit on.  We were then treated to some old school cartoons, which we both loved – who doesn’t love Tom & Jerry?!


Milo & Hector's Tremendous Ice Cream Sandwiches


(As an aside, it’s a great product – they have a small cart based in Covent Garden in the summer, and have just come back from V Festival.  I think their plan is to produce a range for retail but, in the meantime, if you’re in London, make sure to check them out whilst they’re still here (they close down after summer.)   They have some great pics on their Facebook page.)


Milo & Hector's Tremendous Ice Cream Sandwiches


The journey home was relatively incident free although when you catch the last train home it’s always full of certain … characters!


All in all, what a wonderful day!


Hope you like the video we made 🙂







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  1. Fab day and write-up! Great to see you there too, wish we could have chatted properly but I could barely rise from my deck chair after those White Russians! We were all over those ice cream sandwiches, so deliciously ‘meaty’ with filling hehe 😉 I’ll have to investigate that Nerf Arena for the babes. See you soon I hope x

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