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Today is a review. WAIT! DON’T LEAVE!!! Here’s the thing … WitWitWoo isn’t a review blog, and I only review products if I’m offered something that fits perfectly with my lifestyle.


Mainly cars, holidays or champagne.


So when Three (the phone people) asked if I wanted to review their Travel Accessory Pack I thought … what with me being such a jetsetter ‘n all, why not?! I was due to go to Camp Bestival, plus an impending trip to Turkey in September for Mark Warner.


First of all …


What’s In The Box?


Portable Charger


Three portable charger


Coincidentally, I recently bought a similar charger to this from Carphone Warehouse after being assured that it would work for my iPhone 5. It didn’t. Of course, I then had no idea where the receipt or packaging was (ie. in the bin), so I was pleased to see there was a portable charger in this travel pack – one I could hopefully use this time.


However, it doesn’t say on the packaging what devices the portable charger is compatible with. It comes with a couple of attachments so technically, it should fit most devices, but you won’t know until you try.


Of course, it doesn’t come with an iPhone 5 attachment. #typical


However, as soon as I pointed this out to Three not only did they promise to revise the packaging to ensure it clearly states what devices this would work with but they kindly sent me an iPhone 5 adapter. Of course, I could have (in hindsight) just used my phone charging cable, but I didn’t think of that at the time!


The charger is slimline enough to fit in your pocket, let alone your handbag, and charges up very quickly (you can see a light inside to show that it is charging.)


The charger gives you a full charge for your phone.



– Capacity: 2000 mAh
– Output: 500 mA
– Input/Output voltage: 5V
– Battery type: rechargeable Li-ion
– Charging time: up to 5 hours
– Standby time: up to 60 days


Portable Speaker


Three travel accessory pack


It looks pretty nondescript really … a small, round, portable speaker and I’ll be honest, my hopes were low because I’ve never seen or used a portable speaker that was any good. BUT … this actually was! It really surprised me, particularly as it’s so small, but the sound quality was excellent and only went a little ‘tinny’ when I had it on the highest volume setting.


It comes with a USB cable so you just plug it in, charge it up (it charges quickly) and you’re ready to go. It comes with a keyring attachment, should you want to clip it onto something but please don’t be ‘that’ person who clips it onto your jeans.


Dexter and I have tested the speaker out on my phone and also on the laptop as we plugged it in whilst watching a film in the car! Ben has already earmarked it for when he goes to a festival with his friends.



Measuring around 50 mm wide, 55 mm high and 48 mm across.


Waterproof Pouch


Three travel accessory pack


The waterproof pouch does what it says on the tin … allows you to protect your phone from water, even allowing you to use it … UNDERWATER! I don’t know if you’d be brave enough to try it out, and it certainly looks sturdy enough so I can’t see it not working … but I haven’t been brave enough to risk it I’m afraid.


It comes with a lanyard too so if you fancy a swim with your mobile (you brave warriors!), fill your boots! Failing that, it would double up as a waterproof pouch for your money!



Waterproof IPX8 Rated – Tested at 25.4 degrees celcius, 53% R.H, and waterproof to a depth of 10m for up to one hour.



This Travel Pack retails at £29.99 and I think, all in all, it’s great value for money. Everything worked well but, more importantly, they’re all products I’d actually use, and I’m sure you would too. It’s handy having all 3 things together and actually, I think it would make a perfect gift … I know it would be great for my 19 year old son, or for anyone you know going abroad.





* I was gifted the Accessory Pack to review.


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