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This time tomorrow will (hopefully) see me sat on a camping chair, sipping a tepid beer in the sunshine.  I can’t believe it’s come round so quickly but we are off to Camp Bestival in the morning!


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Camp Bestival Blogger


It was touch and go whether we were even going to go … I find camping quite demanding on my own and have to admit to a penchant for 5* hotels, but there’s nothing quite like Camp Bestival, we’ve always had a fantastic time and basically Dexter badgered me until I gave in.


We’ve had to buy everything from scratch:


  • Tent (2 man pop-up that will, undoubtedly, be way too small)
  • Windbreaker (it’s imperative you claim your little patch of land!)
  • Gin in a tin (numerous)
  • Sleeping bags (it gets real cold so we’ll bring extra blankets)
  • Bacon (frozen … it’ll sort us out for breakfast the next morning hopefully)
  • 14,000 Capri Suns (frozen)
  • Pringles/popcorn/cashews/hot dogs/marshmallows/chocolate biscuits (all suitable for a Paleo diet*)
  • Lamps/torches/solar lights
  • Picnic table (for breakfast and playing cards on – it’s a CB tradition


I suspect there is even more stuff I’ve bought that I’ve temporarily forgotten about because camping is ALL CONSUMING!  I couldn’t sleep last night for fear of what I may have forgotten to buy – when it’s just you, there’s no-one else to blame!  But I’ve got the basics:  Beer, bacon, beds.


I’ve washed the car, I’ve filled it up with petrol, water and oil.  I’ve got the directions.  I’ve got the tickets.  I’ve got money.  (I’ve got the beer.)  I’ve got the waterproofs!


I intend to wear my hair in plaits all weekend.  I intend to dance like no-one’s watching … and I totally intend to laugh ALL WEEKEND!


We’re all sorted.  I think.


There are a few of us bloggers going this year and I hope to at least spend time with some of them … but if you’re a fan of festivals (or this blog), try and follow the #CampBBloggers hashtag (or the #CampBestival one) as we’re only going to try and post pictures over the weekend (signal permitting).


Failing that … I’ll be back next week!  Over and out for now!





*     I may be lying

**  We were lucky enough to be given a ticket each in exchange for me writing about Camp Bestival.




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  1. When it’s just you there’s no one else to blame!! – That hits the nail right on the head. I’ve rewritten my list five times and am now madly ticking off as it gets packed and then again when safe in the car! I hate the responsibility! ! It will all be worth it though. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you! ! 🙂

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