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A few of you may have noticed that I’m getting more and more involved with videoing these days.  I do love a good vlog!  I’ve done some research on what type of things people film and I think my favourite type of video is when someone films a typical day.  The trouble is, the generation of YouTubers that seem to be most popular are, as I’ve mentioned before, a whole lot younger than me.  Their lives bear no correlation to mine whatsoever so it’s hard to get inspiration from someone you don’t relate to.


So I figured … why not just make a video of ‘my’ typical day.  I worried whether anyone would find it remotely interesting but to be honest, that wasn’t really the thinking behind the video … I just thought it might be fun to do!


So Saturday just gone, I took my iPhone AND my posh camera out with me and filmed what Dexter and I got up to.


I’ll warn you now, if you’re looking for a video where I’m eating yogurt and fresh berries out of heart shaped bowls and spending hours putting make-up on in my perfectly tidy bedroom, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  I agree there’s a market out there for videos like that … videos that perhaps give you a rose-coloured idea of what life is like, but that’s not really my style.


My life is full of shouting, me getting stressed, laughing hysterically, doing the housework and other NORMAL stuff!


I hope you like the video.  It’s just a little insight into my world but I’d love to hear what you think!







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