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I spoke earlier this week about the Phases of Dating and how, after all this time, I don’t really seem to be any wiser about men, but I’m a lot surer about how I am.  Which is the most important bit right?  Having said that, I went on a first date last week but rather than talk about the man I dated (sorry!) … I thought I’d talk about what I wore instead.


I’d like to pretend I found this pretty dress in a local vintage boutique … in fact, I found it in my local Sainsbury’s! As a plus size woman, I find supermarkets are quite good for clothes shopping as they tend to stock bigger sizes. I do find, however, that you have to look quite carefully, or else you’ll end up looking like your Nan, which isn’t particularly sexy … but you can find the occasional gem.


The colours immediately drew me in and I’m a sucker for a floral pattern at the moment. It’s a bit like a vintage tea dress … which are quite difficult to find in my size, but I was worried that I’d look frumpy.  I’m still not sure if I carried it off!


Kate Sutton


I teamed the dress with a baby blue cardigan I’d also recently bought (God, I really am turning into my Nan.)


Kate Sutton


Some of you may remember me moaning about these very shoes (above) from M&S after they created MASSIVE blisters on both big toes the last time I wore them (on another date … there’s a theme forming here) … but I thought they’d be OK to wear for one evening.  After all, my date was picking me up from the train station in London and we were going to the cinema so I didn’t think I’d be walking that much.  So this time, I ‘only’ got little blisters!  I just love these shoes though and want to persevere!!


Kate Sutton


The last piece of the date outfit (apart from a spritz of perfume and a dazzling smile!) … my new ring I bought in Fuerteventura recently.  Isn’t it beautiful?


My date said I looked lovely and I certainly felt great in what was, a slightly different outfit to what I would normally wear.  In fact, it’s given me a real penchant for girly dresses and I’ve spent the past week searching out websites that cater for women of my … stature!  I’ve come across Hell Bunny, 21st Century Foxy and Tiger Milly … so watch this space – I might not have another date planned (just yet) but I’ve got my eye on some gorgeous dresses so I’m ready for when I get whisked off my feet.


Kate Sutton

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  1. Kate, I love your style! That outfit is gorgeous, and that ring is just stunning!
    I love reading your blog, you’re so honest and open, you’re one of my favourites!

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