I can’t believe it was only a week ago that I was on holiday in Fuerteventura with Dexter – the week has flown by.  We had such a great time pretty much … not doing a great deal really.  We swam, I read a book AND an obligatory crappy woman’s magazine (although I also read Red which I thought was surprisingly great), we ate churros for breakfast, I drank Cava for breakfast every day, and we watched Lord of the Rings and X-Men every night back in our room after dinner.

It was our kinda perfect.

But remember before I went I wrote this post … ‘Should Big Girls Wear Bikinis?‘  It was, of course, a rhetorical question following a discussion I’d had online with my Twitter followers and the general consensus was that out of the plus size women I spoke to, it was a 50/50 split with who would feel comfortable enough wearing a bikini and who hated the thought.  However, interestingly, it soon became apparent that size wasn’t the driver for whether a woman would wear a bikini or not … women of all sizes had something to say.  (Have a read of the post.)

I have always said I’m comfortable in my own skin and I think sometimes people find that hard to believe as I’m a bigger woman.  But confidence isn’t something everyone has and it breaks my heart to hear women (whatever size) feel like they can’t wear this or they shouldn’t wear that.  Of course, everyone should wear what they want to wear but I totally understand that feeling of not wanting to be judged because no matter how big my … bravado, I’ve been hurt in the past my people’s comments – it’s horrible.

Anyway, I said I would be wearing a bikini on holiday, and so I did!


Kate Sutton


I’m no model (clearly), I’ve given birth to two 9lbs+ babies … my body has gone through a lot, but I think I look great!  I’m my biggest fan, pardon the pun, because quite frankly, I believe you truly have to be – no other bugger will think you’re great if you don’t!  Yes, I’m overweight and far from toned but honestly, hand on heart, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT I LOOK LIKE!!  I wanted to wear a bikini so … I wore one!  It’s really that simple.  I didn’t give it much thought.  I didn’t think about what other people thought and although I didn’t notice any overt pointing or whispering, I doubt anyone even noticed or, for that matter, gave a shit.  I’m just another woman wearing a bikini.

Because it’s hot. Because I like the feeling of wearing one.  Because I can.

In fact, I wore several! This one (below) didn’t hold me in as much as the polka dot one but it wasn’t indecent and again, who cares?


They’re on holiday enjoying time with their family … the fact that me, or anyone else, is wearing a bikini is just so insignificant, trust me.


Kate Sutton


I get that we’re so indoctrinated with the idea that we should look a certain way, that we should feel embarrassed or ashamed if we don’t conform – I totally get that because I’m bombarded too.  I just choose to stick a metaphorical two fingers up to the fat-shaming brigade and do what I WANT TO DO.  If that involves wearing a bikini when I’m a size 18, so be it.

I just happen to believe that imperfections make us who we are and that life would be incredibly dull if we all looked the same.

I love the fact that by me talking about this subject it has encouraged women to buy a bikini for the first time in a long time … women who wouldn’t have dreamt about wearing one before, and I hope that by sharing photos of me in a bikini it might, just might, encourage them to wear one too.

Wearing a bikini on holiday is one thing … sharing my photos on my blog and social media, a completely different thing.  It’s a little scary because as much as my friends are supportive and lovely I do realise I’m opening myself up to THE INTERNET ….  but if it makes one woman, whatever her size, think ‘if Kate can wear one, then so can I’ then it’s worth it.

It may seem trivial … me talking about bikinis, it may seem like such a small thing but body confidence permeates how you live your life and if you can overcome a small thing like this, I honestly believe you’ll start to carry yourself differently and begin to feel good about yourself.

Wear a bikini.  Don’t wear one.  Do what YOU feel comfortable doing … but please PLEASE don’t let anyone make you feel shit about your choice.


kate sutton

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