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Today didn’t start well.  I’d had a restless night’s sleep (found half my pillows by my wardrobe this morning!) and well, the morning got worse. I don’t know if your child is like this but mine could be up at 4am and still not be ready for school on time and quite honestly, I don’t know how he manages to procrastinate so much …


*peruses dresses on the Simply Be website*


I digress. This morning was one of ‘those’ mornings. I was ratty and not in the mood for 10 year old shenanigans. Dexter had other ideas.


“Mum! Guess what!” he shouted from downstairs, where I naively thought he was making breakfast.


“Have you had your breakfast yet?” I shouted back. (All mornings are basically just a succession of me shouting orders and questions and him ignoring me.)




“For the love of God … WHAT?!”


“This guy on Jeremy Kyle is being accused of saving up his wages and spending it on prostitutes!!”




I thought the morning couldn’t get anymore depressing but by now we’re late for school on the morning that I’m due to attend his assembly because he’s being presented with an award in front of the entire upper school.


Deep breaths Kate, deep breaths.


Halfway to school, trying extrememly hard to (sort of) stay within the speed limits, Dexter suddenly screams:


“Oh no!!! I’ve forgotten my packed lunch!”


Kill me now. Seriously.


Being a single parent I have no-one to moan to about how I have to do everything (other than my unsuspecting readers) because I just get on with it, but give me strength, some days I could cry.


The rest of the journey was made in silence – Dexter too wary of saying anything that might just tip me over the edge and me too angry to trust myself to say anything else.


We arrived, late and I then had to rush off to park the car, go and buy him a new packed lunch and then run up to the school to make it in time for assembly. By the time I made it to school I had, as is always the case, had time to calm time, get a little perspective and make myself feel better by reading about everyone else’s problems on Twitter.


Calm was restored.


All the children filed in to the school hall and the classical music began and I spent the next 45 minutes basically just crying at how cute all the kids were (no, really, I cried even when it wasn’t my own kid being talked about), how lovely the teachers were being about the children (including mine) who had earned special awards and pretty much just being a sentimental old bugger, forgetting how stressed I’d been only an hour before.


And all this before 10am.


Kids have a special knack of bringing you back down to earth and reminding you what it’s all about, don’t they?


Annoying little sods.




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  1. Made me laugh and touched me in equal measure, brilliant! This is what happens when your kids are super smart! Love your new clean, vibrant blog look too x

  2. LOVE this! Go Dexter! And that sound like my morning most days! Aside from the prize giving obviously. But if you could arrange a prize giving for ME for the end of most days, that would be fab! We can give each other prizes, then drink wine. Nice xx

  3. This was how today started for me, so I had to come and read. Mine had breakfast at the corner shop because we had no milk or bread in the house. Trying to fixate on the cool things that happened on the walk to school, like the kids not fighting once and helping each other, rather than facing the headmistress late, hot, flustered and with a bag of dog poo! Go Dexter!

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