Welcome toΒ week 2 of “#VlogChallenge.”


If you’ve wandered on over here and wondering what all this is about, you canΒ read all about “Vlog Challenge” here.


This week’s theme is …


How you interpret this is entirely up to you so get creative!


Vlog. Upload. Share.


Here’s my contribution:



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  1. Beaut! Confession – I never wear lipstick. Can we still be friends? I might make a beauty vid for you with how to look less shit when you’ve been up all night with small child? Would take me a good few hours to beautify this mug first πŸ™‚

  2. Kate… let me just put this out there –

    I ALWAYS want to see a close up of your lips! Loving the beauty post and you crack me up how you laugh at the ‘nudie lips’! Great vlog hun and I love #VlogChallenge. I will enter your challenge today when I vlog my next fashion post!

  3. …when you go into Boots for the free perfume…?

    I love you.

    After your little pep talk on my ‘bought it on a whim’ red lipstick I’ve worn it most days – and love it. Yey.

  4. I’m *that* person who can’t do red lips. Tried and tried with so many shades but I also don’t feel comfortable with that colour – I’m an “eye” person so lips tend to be nude or pale gloss.

  5. Nudie, you are such a child πŸ˜‰

    I really don’t think I can wear red lips you know, my teeth are too yellow for it. Love the first shade and think I might nip over to Sainsbury’s to find it.

    You have a lovely range of expressions and voice for vlogging.

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