I love my little corner of the internet (ie. my blog.) It gives me an opportunity to write about whatever I please. A lot of it is trivial, inane stuff. Or things that make me happy. Or things that annoy me. But I have that freedom to say what I like. That doesn’t necessarily mean people will agree, but that’s OK … I love a good debate and I’m really pleased that my readers feel that they can have a difference of opinion and we won’t fall out. We just think differently on certain things … (and I’m right and they’re wrong.)


I came out of a relationship 2 years ago and it had become one of those relationships where every time I talked I felt like I may as well talk to a brick wall … I was completely ignored …  and maybe that’s subconsciously why I created this blog in the first place … there’s nothing worse than not being heard.


Which is why when I heard about Which?’s campaign #UNMUTEUK, I wanted to be a part of it. I rarely get involved with anything ‘political’ or remotely ‘campaigny’ and only lend my hard earned pennies to causes I feel passionately about … that’s pretty much normally the extent of my ‘involvement’, but when this cause was brought to my attention I took a minute to think about how this blog has helped me find my voice again and how wrong it is for anyone to feel like their opinion doesn’t matter.   It doesn’t matter whether you’re offering an opinion on education (I have A LOT to say about Gove,) or the NHS (God bless it!) or how outrageous it is that trains are always late (interesting to see Network Rail getting fined over £50m today!) … the point is, we should all feel empowered with the knowledge that we have a right to an opinion.


And there’s nothing worse than feeling powerless, right?


Which? have decided to make a statement of solidarity. Here are a few words to explain how they’re doing that:


Which? has teamed up with electronic maestro DJ Jakwob and spoken word master George the Poet to create a soundtrack to support this cause. To represent the sense of voicelessness experienced by millions across the UK, the track will be muted until we reach our target of 50,000 signatures. Once we’ve reached our goal we’ll unlock the full video and unmute the exclusive track.


Muting it is a statement of solidarity. We’ve all experienced having our voices ignored. When people in the UK complain about schools, health and social care, their complaints are rarely listened to or acted on, so the same mistakes happen again and again. Help Which? get your voices heard and we’ll unmute the track” says George the Poet.”


It is Which?’s intention to use this petition to put pressure on the Government to ensure that when people speak up, staff in public services listen and act on their concern – to give a voice to the public and hold public services to account, and they’re calling on the nation to sign their petition to both unmute the video (and the nation too!)


I would ask, if you can, if you could at least take a look at the petition at www.unmuteuk.com and see if it’s something you feel you could put your name to.  There’s obviously no pressure to do so but take a minute to have a think about how it feels to be ignored … and then make your decision.


It would be great if you could share this campaign with your friends, follow Which Campaigns on Twitter … and do our bit to just let the powers that be know how important we are.



 *This is a sponsored post.



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  1. This campaign really really resonates with me so I have leant my voice to it too. Have you heard Gove is moving on? Great eh. Maybe they have listened to our collective voice on that one, or all of the teachers he has muted, by not at all listening to them.

    Hey do a selfie too. Great fun #UnMuteUK.

    That thing about our other halves not listening to us – it’s hideous isn’t it.
    Great post.

    Lisa xx

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