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So last night, top mum that I am, I took Dexter to Rochester for a special tea.  I say special … he’d be grateful for a McDonalds.  Bloody philistine.  Anyway, we went to Rochester because that’s where my eldest works now he’s home from Uni for the summer and we thought we might be lucky enough to catch him on a break.  We weren’t but the beer in the pub he works in was jolly nice.


As we walked along the High Street to find a restaurant open for dinner (it was 5pm … the twilight zone of wanting to go out for ‘dinner’ and nowhere actually being open) … we happened to walk past Rochester Cathedral.


So we stopped and sat on the walk and just took 5.  A breather.  Dexter didn’t want to … as you can see in the photo …. but it was so so quiet (what with nowhere being open!), it was a lovely summer evening with the sun trying to set between the spires of the cathedral.  I dunno, I’m getting melancholy in my old age, but it was just a sweet moment – my and my boy (although we missed the eldest obviously!) … and I realised actually, I should take more of these breathers, these special moments because before I know it I’ll be walking along the High Street on my own once Dexter flies the nest too.




 (This post is part of Tara from Sticky Fingers Gallery meme.)

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