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I mentioned a while ago I was going to Camp Bestival and if I’m honest, I’ve not given it much thought since then. You know what life is like. I’ve been before, I kinda know what to expect and because whenever I think about camping I think about … actual camping sometimes being a bit of a pain … I’ve put it to the back of my mind. It got a little lost … believe me, there’s a whole heap of shit back there you would be amazed I’ve managed to hide from.


But the sunshine is here this week, however temporary, and I thought it was time to get my research on and start thinking about our little annual trip away together.


First of all, I should probably get a tent. I was hoping my friend would be coming with me … nothing to do with the fact that she already owned a tent (honest) so now I’ve got to bite the bullet and actually purchase something myself.




Also, being single means that putting up a tent on your own (trust me, having a ten year old boy with you is only a hindrance) is an absolute pain. Don’t get me wrong, I can do it … obviously … it’s just a pain. I did find that everyone at Camp Bestival is uber friendly and always willing to help out, but I just hate asking for help.


So this year, I have a plan.




YEAH BWOI!   *chest bump*


How about that for genius thinking?! *taps head*


(As an aside, I will say this … if you can afford it … Camp Bestival have a plethora of already erected tents, mobile homes, campervans, yurts, huts (etc.) available to hire so you don’t have to bring your own. I just can’t afford it because it’s just me!)


Camp Bestival



I’ve done some research and think I’ll pop to my local Decathlon store. I say local, it’s a 40 minute drive away, but knowing my luck, if I bought one from ebay it would have a massive hole in it so I don’t really want to risk it for a chocolate biscuit.


Mmmmmm …. chocolate biscuits ….


Sorry, as I was saying … then there’s the bedding to buy, the lamps, the gas stove, the food and the drink. ALL the drink. There’s a fair bit to organise but I couldn’t be more excited!


Going to a festival is, I’d imagine, a very different experience for a single parent like myself. My time there is really about Dexter and what he wants. Bloody kids. But you know what they say … if he’s happy, I’m happy. Or something like that. I only really really want to see Basement Jaxx … oh and De La Soul and well, if he doesn’t like it, there’s not much he’s going to be able to do about that … we WILL be watching them. Other than that, I’m pretty easy going about the whole weekend.


Basement Jaxx


Dexter is undecided as to whether he wants to go … not that he has a choice. You see it’s a weekend without technology. No PS3, iPod or TV and right now, he’s not impressed. But when we’re there he’ll love the fact that we’ll have S’Mores wrapped in foil and cooked in a frying pan (trust me, it works,) that we’ll be sleeping in the same tent (I never let him sleep in my bed at home) and if the Bubble Man is there again there this year … he might not admit it, but he’ll love that too.


I wish I could afford to camp in luxury but I’m hoping that slumming it will also be awesome. As long as my inflatable mattress doesn’t deflate again.


Story of my life.




For more information on Camp Bestival … check out their website and Twitter.



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  1. Great blog as always! MOTHERF*CKING POP-UP TENT made me laugh 🙂

    I’ve been looking at camping gear lately – lots of value out there as you probably know. Some stuff is dirt cheap but I suspect may not last long.

    Had lots of amazing caravan holidays in Cornwall and France with my parents and sister back in the day but I’m keen to give camping a go at the moment. As for going to a festival – errrr,……………each to their own! Enjoy 🙂

    1. I was rambling as usual 🙂 Camping … yeah, it’s an acquired tasted. Would much rather 5* it lol … but I have to say, we’ve always had a great time at Camp Bestival and it’s good for me to slum it, at least sometimes!

  2. Yay! I’ll be at Camp Bestival this year too! It will be my third time but the first as an Official Camp Bestival blogger!!
    See you in the Bollywood Tent for a drink hun!

  3. We LOVE those pop up tents in Decathlon! Every time we go, the kids literally camp out in them! Which doesn’t annoy the assistants at all, i’m sure! Ooh… now you’re SO tempting me back to Camp Bestival! xx

    1. TBH I’m umm’ing and aaah’ing about whether we can afford to go again as we’ve got to invest in everything new again 🙁 I might just sleep in Decathlon overnight. Again.

  4. Ha ha! Love your honesty. I was swearing under my breath putting our tent up, alone whilst the kids just watched, in the garden yesterday and moaning at the fact I’m too poor to stay in a swanky pre erected tipi. One day I will. Alone. In peace! Looking forward to seeing you – please come and say hi 😉

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