I dip in and out (so to speak) of Tara’s Gallery linky but though I’d grace her with my presence today with the above photo.


The theme of ‘Detail’ could be taken in different ways and my first thought was I should perhaps take a close up photograph of something … anything … with my new camera.  But quite frankly, I’ve got a cold and couldn’t be bothered.


Instead, I remembered this photo.


I took it 2 years ago in Barcelona.  I had won a writing competition with easyJet and I was sent to Barcelona on a 5* trip with 4 other bloggers … 3 of whom are still really good friends.  This photo is … well, you can kinda see exactly what it is, but the display was put on especially for us.  Well, us and the Chief Executive of easyJet that we happened to be with.


The trip was awesome.  The attention to detail by easyJet was incredible … the events they put on for us, the perfection of the W Hotel that we stayed in, the tapas waiting for us at the end of a guided tour on pushbike on … you’ve guessed it … orange bikes.  Everything was perfect.  In fact, that trip spurred me on to do lots of things with my life .. least of all ending an unhappy relationship and remembering my long lost love of travel, so I have a lot to thank easyJet for really!


My attention to detail in everyday life consists of trying to remember to make a packed lunch for Dexter.  And even then I don’t always succeed.



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