Happy Saturday!


Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been having a good ole dabble with my new YouTube channel.  Suffice to say it’s a work in progress, but I’m having lots of fun learning something new.  (You’ll see from the outtakes that I find vlogging quite difficult!)


Today, I’m testing out a new investment … a Panasonic Lumix FZ200.  I say investment because it really wasn’t cheap, but I think the picture quality is soooo much better.  I’ve taken a few photos which also look great but I’ve only managed to take accidental snapshots of a carpet and banister so far.  Like I said, a work in progress.  But here’s today’s video:





I started a YouTube channel because I just felt there wasn’t anyone vlogging out there that was like me – when I say ‘like me’ I mean a woman that’s a little older, that doesn’t talk about what lipstick she bought that week (although I may well do that!) … but someone who has a lot in life to juggle, that perhaps has a good sense of humour that comes across and someone, well, relateable.  I’m just as likely to be deciding whether to buy my washing powder in Tescos or Sainsburys or wondering whether if I wear Spanx under a dress the fat that rolls out the top is worth the flattish stomach.  I’m highly unlikely to be interviewing Harry Styles or shopping at ASOS.


(Although, having said that, I did actually just purchase my first ever item of clothing from ASOS … so maybe there’s hope for me yet!)


There are a few vloggers I love, but to be honest, they’re all 20-something girls.  And I have nothing in common with them whatsoever!


So please subscribe to my YouTube channel.  As The Carpenters once sang (showing my age again) … I’ve only just begun and if you have any suggestions of what you might like to talk about, just let me know and I’ll give it a good go!


Oh, one more thing, I DEFINITELY need an opening catchphrase to each video.  Suggestions so far have included, and I quote:


“Hi. You’re a dick.”

“Hello my fannys!”

… and my favourite, “Wassup Motherf*ckers!”


Anything you suggest will only be an improvement.





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