It is officially 26 days until Dexter and I go on our summer holiday … our first one together in 7 years.


You would not believe the excitement levels happening in our house right now. Seriously. In fact, we even had a day trip to Whitstable yesterday to do a trial run to test out our new beach towels. I even treated him to a £1.50 bucket and fishing net – generous to a fault me.


So we actually bought the first cheap souvenir actually BEFORE going on holidays, but roll on the summer tan for 2014!  I start dreaming of a nice sunny summer once I go into hibernation every year, blame gloomy British winters!  But sometimes, when the UK delivers some decent weather, there’s nothing quite like a day out at an English beach. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of 7 days of guaranteed sunshine is what has made me get the chequebook out (ha, showing my age there) … but we had such an awesome day yesterday.

We’d actually gone to Whitstable because we were on the hunt for Kent’s best burger. I did my research and found a link to Burger Bros – a small burger joint which was in residence at a pub at the end of the High Street. The sun was shining so I thought it was worth a drive to the coast just to see what it was like – anything to get Dexter off the PS3!


Luckily, it was awesome! Check out these pics!





We bought a couple of towels in one of the charity shops, bought some suntan lotion beach shoes for Dexter (I’d come out totally un-prepared) and we made a whole day of it. I had a pint of Oranjeboom which has never tasted better and made several attempts at reading my new book before I gave up … any time I tried to stretch out on the towels Dexter decided it was time to jump on me, WWE style.



So much for relaxing!


We just sat and talked.  Had stone throwing competitions.  Daydreamed about our impending holiday.  I bored him senseless with stories about what my summer holidays were like as a girl … but I think he secretly enjoyed them.  We reminisced about spending a week in Whitstable last year with my best friend and her son and we buried our feet in the cold, damp sand.


That night, when I put him to bed, he turned to me and said: “Mum, I’m so happy right now. We had a great time today didn’t we?”


Job done I’d say.






* Disclaimer:  This is a guest post – all views/thoughts are my own as always.  Please refer to my Disclosure for more information




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