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There’s a great story in the paper today, following up on a story last week about Sarah Millican, the comedian.  The original story is here but to sum it up, Sarah had worn a lovely long, floral maxi dress from John Lewis to the Baftas last year and the internet, or rather more specifically, Twitter, in its infinite wisdom, had a field day taking the mickey out of her.


You may be asking the same question I did … what on earth is wrong with the dress, and how can anyone take offence to such a beautiful dress and a beautiful woman?  Well, you know Twitter … a wondrous thing but also full of twats.


I always think of Sarah Millican as one of us … an ordinary, working class girl that just happened to catch a break and make it big doing something she loves.  She was genuinely excited to go to such a glamorous event like the Baftas and let’s not forget, she might not be everyone’s cup of tea but her job is making people laugh – what an amazing gift that is. She doesn’t profess to be anything she’s not.  She’s humble.


“I’ve been nominated for awards before (even won a couple) and it really is the best. If winning is chips and gravy then being nominated is still chips. Lovely, lovely chips.”


See!  Just like us.


So off she went to buy her dress and, as a fellow woman of a certain size (in fact I’m the same size as Sarah), I know just how tough finding everyday clothes are, let alone fancy, Bafta worthy ones.  Not that I’ve ever been to the Baftas.  At least not yet.


“Fancy expensive designer shops are out for me as I’m a size 18, sometimes 20, and I therefore do not count as a woman to them.”


Trust me, it’s hard feeling glamorous when you go in a dozen shops and they don’t even stock your size.  It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re trying to squeeze yourself into dress you don’t even like because it’s all they have, so I totally understand her love of John Lewis and it’s great selection of plus size clothes.


So Sarah has her dress, she’s had her hair and make-up done, she’s looking good – imagine how excited she is?!  OMG, I would definitely have wee’ed just a little bit.


And then, as Sarah explained:


“Twitter was a pin to my excitable Bafta balloon.”


She was called fat and ugly.

She was told she looked like her Nan.

Her dress was disgusting.

It looked like it was made out of curtains.

Why was she wearing black shoes with it.


And so Sarah Millican then sat in her car and cried.  That vivacious, funny girl we see on TV was so upset that people were so cruel, she cried and cried.


“I felt wonderful in that dress and surely that’s what counts?”


I love Twitter, I’m on there A LOT, but sometimes I just want to pull the plug on the internet so that these morons don’t have the ability to be such bell-ends.




And then Sarah did something that was, as usual, hilarious.


She was invited back to this year’s Baftas but couldn’t attend because she already had a gig … but she damn well made sure she wore the very same dress again on the day of the Baftas, she just wore it at her gig.  Massive 2 fingers up to her haters!


And the crowd loved her for it.


I don’t understand how people think it’s OK to be so mean.  My Mum taught me if I can’t say something nice, say nothing at all … Twitter should remember that.



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  1. I like Twitter for the one-liners and keeping up with what everyone is doing.
    I don’t like Twitter because of the exact reasons you state. I don’t know your opinion of Holly Willougby but I like her. She comes across as lovely, kind, sweet (hey, if she wasn’t married she would be getting loads of dates at Match!) and a genuinely nice person. Yet still, some people on Twitter tweeted mean things when she announced her pregnancy. How can one be mean about Holly Willoughby? Go Sarah Millican!

  2. Your Mum’s saying is my saying and I am sure I got it from my Mum too! I loved your post and I loved Sarah’s article too and so two fingers up to them wearing the dress again and like you say she looked fab.

    Back on my small planet home these sort of mean, petty and hurtful types have had tidal waves of effects on all of us here but rather like the lovely Sarah my daughter she will be having the last laugh too!

    Why oh why do so many love saying horrible things, to who ever it said or twattered (that is twitter nasty tweets) at what do they get out of it, really?

    And deep breathe because Sarah is standing proud and we are getting there too! xxx

  3. It’s so disheartening to see this happen time and time again, Twitter is the perfect hideout for knobs where they can be bitter and nasty about others as they are so utterly miserable beings themselves.

    I think it was BRILLIANT she wore the same dress again on the anniversary, take that Twitter Knobs!

  4. It probably lies in that same cohort who do not have the talent to be nominated for anything. I find this to be a common thread – especially in our world of blogging and writing. At least we have the articulate balls to set down our view and then listen politely to others and agree or disagree, or perhaps as my mother would say we’re not ‘common’ people. Sarah may be the common Everyman made good, but she has an uncommon talent no hate campaign can take away.

    Hah! Mother was right about EVERYTHING.

    Articulate and beautifully written post as always, Kate. HMSx

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