I mentioned ON MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL last week that I went to the Royal Albert Hall to watch Tori Amos.  I should point out I was watching her sing and play piano, I didn’t just stand in her dressing room watching her brush her hair.  Honest.  Erm moving on …


Other than it being an amazing night, one thing really struck me about the evening.  There was a great mix of people attending, from couples, people on their own like me and a lot of foreign people (lovely Sardinian girl next to me) .. to big groups of gay guys – she definitely warrants the ‘diva’ label so it was no surprise the gay community was wonderfully represented.


Tori sat at her piano for the whole concert and although she’s fairly energetic (as much as one can be whilst sitting down), it wasn’t the type of concert where you stood up.  Which is good, because I’m 43 and quite frankly the thought of standing up for 2 hours is appalling.  No, thankfully this was a civilised affair and that was just fine by me.


But halfway through the concert I noticed the front row (I was sat on one of the side sections).  Talk about ‘feeling’ the music!  There were closed eyes, heads rocking back and forth, sitting on the edge of their seats just trying to get a millimetre closer to Tori – and there was especially lots of clenched fist bumping and hands in the air.


The closest I got to showing any enthusiasm was a mild foot tap.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I didn’t feel exactly what they felt … this was the best night I’d had in years, THE best concert I’d ever been to and I couldn’t have been any happier … but to show any gay abandon (pardon the pun) like they did, just really isn’t in my nature.


Is it an age or upbringing thing?  I don’t know.  But either way, I was a little jealous that they could show their feelings in that way – I’d have just been far too embarrassed.


By the time the encore came around, the front row had left their seats and ran (the 2 feet) to the front of the stage where there was lots more air grabbing and arm waving.  I totally understood the feeling … I just couldn’t ever express myself like that.  Let’s just say I was smiling on the inside.


Am I just getting miserable in my old age or do you feel embarrassed about expressing your feelings in public like me?



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  1. I think it’s quite British in general to not show that kind of emotion outwardly, I can do it better now having lived abroad for over a decade. Also I am so massively jealous about you going to this concert – how did I not even know it was happening?!? Sounds incredible x

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