I’ve just seen that Tara’s theme for this week’s Gallery is ‘Up Close & Personal.’  All sorts sprung to mind … but bearing in mind I have to keep it clean, I thought of this photo.


I took it last weekend as I was getting ready to go out with my friend Daniela (apologies for the nightshirt!)  We were going to an over 30’s Singles Night for the first (and last) time.  I had made the effort to use proper make-up brushes to try and get a more polished look – think I may just look like Bet Lynch.




We had a great evening … which was amazing really considering the average age of the clientele was 75.  We may also have danced to Cotton Eyed Joe … #doseydoe  It’s really hard finding decent places to go in Kent as a single person and unfortunately, this was just plain awful.


I look at this photo and actually seen cheek bones!  I also see clear blue eyes which I think is down to a new way of eating – I’ll be writing/boring you more about Paleo eating in another post but I don’t think I scrub up too bad for an old bird.





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  1. Your eyes are a beautiful colour of blue. Same colour as my daughter’s. You look lovely. I would like to hear more about this Paleo eating. x

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