Last week I blogged about a Random Act of Kindness I was trying to deliver to The Old Man in the Café That Made Me Cry … and it seems events have continued to conspire against me in said delivery.


He was due in last Friday and I thought this was it!  I was sat in the corner of the café, laptop at the ready, hashtag created (EddiesCoffee) … and then he finally came in.


LET’S DO THIS!!!! I thought, as I bombarded my social media channels with this riveting development.


And then a different barista served him who didn’t know about my RAOK.




Eddie paid for his coffee, drank it and left.  Turns out, the barista I’d originally spoken to was on a break.


I was gutted.  I was live Tweeting this momentous event for my hordes (2) of readers who wanted to know … ‘Would Eddie Ever Get His Bloody Coffee?’


The barista in question came back from her break (we were on a break!) … and I explained the devastating news.  She commented that perhaps she should have explained the whole RAOK thing to her team.  Erm, you think??


Anyway, a weekend has passed, and I came back into the café again this morning, ready to try again.


Turns out Eddie got his coffee on Saturday when I wasn’t here.


So, so disappointed.


I asked how the conversation went, and here’s what she said:


Barista:  Eddie, someone’s bought you a coffee.


Eddie:  (Looks around café)  Really?  Why?


Barista then tries to explain that it was a RAOK


Eddie:  Who was it?  Was it a woman?


Barista:  (Laughs)  Yes, it was a woman.


Eddie:  I’ve still got it.


I swear to God that’s what he said.  Eddie my friend – you are a legend.





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      1. That’s a great idea. I think you should encourage all your blog readers to do something and share it too and let you know what they have done! Let’s fill the world with random acts of kindness! x

  1. Haha!!! That’s the best! I knew you picked him for good reason. He has swagger!!

    OMG, what do you think he’d do if he knew he had a fan club? Holy shit.

  2. Yay! I was waiting to hear the outcome of that one. That is a great outcome. You (and Eddie) have put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Nice one. x

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