Last week, as the Bank Holiday approached, the supermarket, Morrisons, very kindly gave lots (and lots) of bloggers £80 in vouchers to spend in-store, and asked them to blog about their experience as part of a #MorrisonsMum campaign.


I’d missed the email from BritMums (who were organising the blogger outreach) but noticed a few people talking about it.  I hate missing out.  I mean on anything.  It’s like being the only person not to have been invited to a party.  And seeing as I’d never (ever) been to a Morrisons,  I asked at the last minute to join in!  So thanks BritMums for letting me take part.


I’m not particularly a supermarket snob but yes, I only ever buy fruit and veg from M&S!  Otherwise it’s normally whatever supermarket is nearest and, unfortunately, Morrisons is just too far away from where I live – so this would be a great experiment to see if it was worth the extra petrol money.


I went with the intention of buying food and drink for a BBQ I was going to have on Bank Holiday Monday with my best friend, her son and Dexter so my shopping list read:




Our nearest store is Strood, Kent, which is a really big store and probably took us 20 minutes to get to.


The first thing we came across was what looked dry ice being sprayed on the fruit and veg section!  I’m making it sound more dramatic than it is (as per) but there was some definite wafting of cold air going on, which I thought was a great idea.


Weirdly enough, Dexter enjoyed pottering around the shop just as me because it was very different to where we usually shop.  I got way too excited by a large pot of Greek salad for £2.49.  Seriously.

The fish counter looked great, but we’re not big fish eaters so didn’t buy anything there.  However, I ‘may’ have headed straight towards the alcohol section, whereby I bought these:

Mmmmm …. Blackberry and Elderflower Pimms … AND Prosecco!  I ended up spending £32 on that but what’s a BBQ without Pimms?!

I picked up a few other bits and pieces:



Bread rolls

Fizzy orange for the boys (50p for a big bottle)

Diet Coke


Ice Cream

2 chicken dinners for during the week


Water for packed lunch


Custard (I’m a poet)


Chocolate fudge pudding


And probably a few other things I can’t see.

Bearing in mind I spent £32 on alcohol, I think we did really well with our shop.  I even snuck a Ben & Jerrys tub in!  (Which I now can’t eat because I’m on a stupid Paleo diet.  Stupid Paleo.)

Our bill came to £78 but more than that, I liked the variety of food, the freshness of the meat which was delicious and mmmm the Pimms was gorgeous!

So, the question is, would I drive that little bit further to save money on my weekly shop?  With Morrisons new ‘cheaper range’ then yes, I think I probably will.

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  1. Loved the simplicity of that shopping list and giggled at the percentage of the bill that was booze – a woman after my own heart. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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