I’m a big fan of Instagram and I’m sure if I took more interesting photos, I’d spend more time over there.  But I don’t.  Life gets in the way and all of my photos are either food/Dexter/selfie based.


Sticky9 got in touch recently (formerly Stickygram) – they produce magnets from your Instagrams photos.  Cool!  Now granted, it’s not something I particularly need in my life … nor did I realise it was even an actual thing … but they were nice guys and when they asked if I’d like to try some out for myself I agreed.  I’m nice like that.


Bearing in mind they serve no actual purpose other than to look nice, I thought I’d just take some photos and show you:






As you can see, I’ve stuck them on my cooker hood!


The quality is great, they come in one block of 9 magnets but come apart really easily and, although i’m not used to treating myself to frivolous purchases for the home, I love these and think they look great!  I’ve chosen a selection of photos of myself and the boys, with the BFF, my late Mum and a quote thrown in for good measure.


Reasonably priced at £12.99 for 9 Instagram magnets.  The company is growing and also make covers for your iPhone and iPad – Christmas sorted!


For more information, check the Sticky9 guys out at www.sticky9.com



Disclaimer:  I was given a set of magnets for free.   Read more about my disclosure rules here.



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