Earlier this week, as I sat in the café post car accident, nursing my ‘severe whiplash’ with tea and toast (extra butter), my attention was caught by a seriously hot bearded man that walked into the café.


Oh.  My.  Way.  Too.  Hot.


I often talk about my love affair with beards … and have been known to date men based purely on their facial furniture.


Anyway, I was sat in the corner on the sofa, laptop out (not a euphemism) and he took a seat nearby, facing me.


I’d checked out the wedding ring finger (obviously) and it was bare.  The signs were good.  He took his jacket off as he sat down and I caught a glimpse of toned midriff.  I felt a bit faint … for I am but a lady!


And then the eye contact began.  Dang.  I totally got The Feeling.


He looked at me and held my gaze a little longer than necessary before looking away – a classic flirting sign (to be fair, it’s probably the only one I know.)  I looked back and did the same before casually sweeping my hair to one side.


Oh God I’m so pathetic.


And so it went on.  I’d say for an hour, while we nursed our by now tepid lattes.


But herein lies the rub (I wish.)  I had no way of knowing whether he was actually single or not and even if I did, what was I meant to do about it?  Go and introduce myself?  Wave to him like I’m out on day release?  Go and ask for his number?


Who even does any of those things anymore!?!


When the time came for him to leave, he jumped up to open the door for an old lady coming in (he’s just too damn good to be true) and left.


I was bereft!  OK, perhaps not bereft, but it’s not often I see hot men in my home town, believe me, and by now I couldn’t stop thinking about him.


I saw him again as he walked past the café on the other side of the road, beard (metaphorically) blowing in the wind.  I was in love/lust!  And THEN … after I’d been to the bank, I saw him again as he walked past the cafe AGAIN!  I couldn’t work out if he was hoping to see me or whether it was just coincidence but either way, I was besotted.




And I didn’t/couldn’t do a damn thing about it.  Because that’s the thing about being a single woman … it’s just so bloody complicated sometimes.  I would have looked like a right mental had I gone over to talk to him so I just sat there and did nothing.  And no doubt I’ll never see him again.


Of course, you’re all going to tell me I should have gone over to him and said something … and if I ever DO see him again, I’d love your (cleanish) suggestions of what to say!


But for now, bearded man in red top and black jeans that fit ever so snugly … you made my day.








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  1. I thought of you yesterday when I held up a yellow top to me and cringed and here I am cringing again….but not about the fact you did not say anything I would of been the same and that does suck. I actually physically felt your pain reading this but the beard no, no, no from me and then you made me cringe further by telling me it blew in the wind!

    Imagine the food that get’s caught in that…but yes next time and he was so looking out for you with all those brief sightings speak.

    What to say…I don’t know um “Is that a piece of toast stuck in your beard because I haven’t eaten breakfast yet?!” or perhaps not!!!

  2. Love this post! I wish there was an online instant app you can download in the shop you are in at the time you are in it and he could have done the same – bam, then you could have flirted and asked via the app 🙂 MY GOD that’s a good business idea – anyone got a spare £50k for me to develop it?!

  3. See – I’m SO with you. I’d have done exactly the same – absolutely nothing. Until afterwards – when I would have just kicked myself forever more! I’m RUBBISH at dating – thankfully was with the same guy for a gazillion years but barely dated when we broke up, cos I didn’t know how to do it! BUT… That said, if you see him again to have to PROMISE you’ll SAY SOMETHING! Life is WAY too short for faffing around and who knows what great times you could have! Oooh, or I’ve got it! If you can’t bear the thought of speaking – make a secret blog page with a message for him, and GIVE HIM THE LINK WRITTEN DOWN! BOOM! *gets coat

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