Easter is over and I’ve hauled myself back to my laptop after a well deserved break.  I certainly didn’t buy another six Crème Eggs today in the post-Easter sale.  No, not me.


Anyway, last week I was lucky enough to be invited on a short press trip in June to a holiday/camping site just outside Paris (more of that later) but before I said yes, I had a big dilemma.  The press trip is just for me, I can’t take Dexter, and it involves a trip to … Disneyland Paris!




The one place he’s been nagging me to go to for years … and I’ve been invited without him!


If I’m honest, going on either of the Disney holidays (ie. to the US or Paris) has never really been a financially viable option for us (ie. I’ve been poor for years!) but I know that Disney holidays are still among the most memorable experiences for kids, so I had a big decision to make – should I go without him, or say no to the trip.


I asked my Facebook friends, as is the norm, and surprisingly opinion was split 50/50.  Most saw the trip being a good opportunity for me, as a writer, to build relationships in the travel industry and to have an enjoyable two day break, but I think some others saw it as a little selfish to go without him.


And so the guilt set in.


Until I gave myself a swift kick up the proverbial and reminded myself that a) I already feel guilty enough about other single parent failings b) I actually wanted to go on the trip and c) when I get back, I’m taking him abroad for his first holiday in 7 years … so it’s not like he’s not getting a holiday this year.


I told his older brother the situation in confidence whilst I decided what to do .. and, being his big brother, he then told Dexter.  Brilliant.  Cue lots of tears (Dexter’s not mine) and I found myself placating him by promising him that this trip was really a great idea in fact because it meant I could check Disneyland Paris out so that I can take him later this year/early next year.


Not quite sure that went to plan really.




Disclaimer:  This is a guest post – all views/thoughts are my own as always.  Please refer to my Disclosure for more information.



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  1. ahhh, big dilemma. I would go. It is work and it should be possible to explain to Dexter that work sometimes means that you get to places he doesn’t – and vice versa for example his trip over the New Year. His brother needs a talking to though, unless he is going to stump up some of the cash!

    1. I should go, you’re right. He’s still complaining about how I went on a cruise last year without him! His big brother got ‘The Look’ to know I was really annoyed but he already owes me enough money lol, there’s no point adding to it 🙂

  2. I would go and treat it as a recce – checking it out for one day when you go! In all honesty, those places are often over-rated, and MASSIVELY stressful as a parent! Not that you can ever tell that to a kid! But the “happiest place on earth” is actually the place you’ll hear the most rows! So maybe see it as a chance to make the trip streamlined in the future?! 😉

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