I’m a huge fan of social media (obviously, as it’s a huge part of my job) and I’m also a member of a couple of blogging Facebook groups.  For the most part, I find them informative and fun and a great forum where we can chat about the world of blogging.  Granted, not everyone’s cup of tea!


Anyway, a blogging friend of mine posted something in one of those groups this morning that has really taken me aback.  It’s something I’d heard of before but not really paid much attention to … and that’s just lazy on my part.  She drew our attention to a Facebook group called Juicy Jailbait (I’m afraid I won’t link to it) – a page dedicated to the sexualisation of teenage girls, many of who at least appear to be underage.


The photos posted are one thing … the lewd and disgusting comments left by men about what they want to do to these young girls, another.  (Rosie has also written about this subject here.)  Honestly, read the comments … see how they make you feel.  Imagine a man is saying them about your daughter:


“I Buy That Hot Bitch Her Own Stash of Undies.”

“wen was the first time u had sex.”

“Lick her little p*ssy.”

“F*ck ……I would do them one by one , then start again mmmm hot.”


Granted, not the most literate of men but those are just a choice selection of the type of thing they write.  I’m far from prudish (believe me!) but I have teenage nieces and my friends have teenage kids and, well, I just found it all pretty disgusting.


So I did something about it.  Or so I thought.


I went to the page and reported it as offensive to Facebook and was amazed that within 20 minutes I had a response!!!  Great service I thought … Facebook really are taking things like this seriously.


Here’s Facebook’s response:




You’ve all heard the stories about how Facebook take down photos that show women that are either undergoing or have undergone treatment for breast cancer or ladies breastfeeding, well here was the proof, first hand, of how messed up Facebook’s rules are.  Maybe, if one of these young girls was showing off a mastectomy scar, the page would be taken down.


I remain a fan of Facebook … for work and pleasure, but this is a serious flaw that needs addressing.  I’m not sure what the next step is – feel free to report the page if you so wish, I don’t hold out much hope that it’ll get taken down if I’m honest, but at least you’re now aware that this does go on.  It’s not just a story you heard from a friend’s friend … there really are pages like that.  And worse.  God, I dread to think.


*Sigh* …


It’s funny, but things like this bother me more and more the older I get.  Something I might have just glossed over as a younger woman as ‘old people needing to lighten up’ now really upsets me.  I guess I just care more now.


Am I over-reacting? (I don’t think I am.)



UPDATE:  After myself and several other blogging friends complained to CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), highlighting several photos as well as the page as being offensive, they have managed to get the page taken down.  What a result!  Thanks to everyone who complained.





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  1. The exact same thing happened to me Kate. A horrible group created for the sole purpose of humiliating women calling them names I won’t repeat here, with graphic, privacy invading photographs. Apparently sexism isn’t against the community guidelines of Facebook. Nice one, Mark!

  2. Same happened when a school friend of son shared a video of a naked woman sitting on a man’s face so I reported again but only this item, not whole page and they agreed it broke rules, site now gone.

  3. No not over reacting at all! Being a Mum to a rather beautiful not quite 15 year old daughter this sort of thing disgusts me.

    Mind the number of times I have bitten by tongue and not shouted at men old enough to be her Father oogleing at her in the street is bad enough, a whole Facebook group dedicated to it that Facebook allows is just plain sick!

  4. Well done to you and all the others that complained. I’ve heard about such pages before, along with those dedicated to bullying children that don’t seem to tick all Facebook’s boxes for removing them. Like you, I enjoy Facebook but appreciate it has a darker side (as does most social media). As a mum to 3 girls, I’m horrified to think of the ramifications of groups like this. Well done again.

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