Blogging.  It’s a hard life.  Take this month.  I was recently sent a luxury pillow by The Fine Bedding Company so, of course, this has involved a lot of research, namely lying down in bed a lot.  Because you see … not everyone is qualified to carry out that type of research … but luckily I am.


You’d think there wouldn’t be that much you could say about a pillow but it is one of those things, like a bed, that is vital in getting a good night’s sleep.  We all have our preferences for what type of pillows we like and my preference has always been for thin, non-feather pillows, as I like to sleep fairly flat on my back.  Yes, yes, no change there, ha ha, but this is important stuff!  I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve woken with a twingey neck and back just because I’ve used a pillow that doesn’t quite ‘fit’ me.


(It also has to be said that, as I said before, I have a penchant for doing other things with my pillows, so I had to take that into account too.)


The pillow I was sent was called the ‘Firm & Fit Partner Pillow’ … make of that what you will, but, being a single woman, the name certainly caught my eye!  Maybe it’ll bring me tea in the bed in the morning, or never leave wet towels on the floor?  One thing was for certain, it certainly thought of my pleasure first … now that doesn’t happen very often.


 (Yes, made the bed-making faux pas of not actually showing you the pillow .. but it’s there somewhere.)



Because the pillow is firm, it’s not good for me to actually sleep on.  Having said that, it’s perfect for supporting my back when I’m on my laptop in bed.  It’s also non-allergenic which isn’t an issue for me, but if you do need to think about that it’s worth bearing this range of pillows in mind.


I’ve never thought about investing in decent pillows before now, and yet I spent weeks looking for the perfect mattress.  A pillow is just as important and, as much as I hate to admit it, when you get to a certain age these things become so much more important.


All in all, perfect for working in bed, a bit too thick for me to lie on but then I’m pretty particular about my sleeping habits!


(Check out The Fine Bedding Company for a full range of duvets, mattress toppers, more pillows and mattress protectors.)






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