On a scale of 1:10 of horrific days, today scores quite highly.  I think the blog title ‘might’ give it away slightly.


A smear test at 8.30am aside (sorry!) … the sun was shining this morning and I was in good spirits.  I was finally having a TV service installed in the lounge at home which predominantly meant one thing – Netflix on the big screen!  After the Drs I rushed to get a Costa coffee as I do every morning, but, unsure of what time the installation guys would arrive, I had the coffee as a takeout.  And then I remembered I needed to pay for the rest of my holiday this week so rushed to the bank, coffee in hand.


After the cashpoint outside informed me that it was going to give me £500 in £5 notes, I went inside the branch, balanced my coffee cup next to the keypad as I took my card out, and tapped my PIN in.  You know where this is going.  As the machine vibrated as it counted out the money, I saw, in slow motion … my coffee cup ever so gently slide off the machine and splat all over the clean carpeted bank floor.


Except … that wasn’t enough.  The cup fell off … just as a disabled woman was wheeled past the cashpoint in her wheelchair.   Of course, the coffee managed to spray all over her wheels and hands.  I think it probably managed to get her entire body but she was too polite to say.  I’m amazed I didn’t blind the woman.


She was very sweet.  I was very mortified.


But not content with just spilling my coffee all over her, I followed it up (in a blind panic) by suggesting … as a ‘joke’ … that she should go through the car wash.  Kill me now.  Seriously.


I reported it to a bank teller (the spillage, not the fact that I’d pretty much accosted a poor disabled woman) and she brought an armful of tissue out to clear up.  She wouldn’t even let me help her, which was good for me as I couldn’t wait to get out of there.


I went back to get a fresh cup of coffee, which I had to pay for again of course, and rushed home.  Only to find the Virgin installation man waiting patiently for me outside my house.


These things come in threes.  I’m not leaving the house for the rest of the day.

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  1. Oh love, not a goo start to the day. Funny as hell though an it cheered me right up 😀 , as it’s normally me these things happen to. Which is why I don’t go out unless I have too *nos wisely*

    HOPEFULLY! Your day will get better and not worse.

    pee. ess. Netflix on a big screen FTW!

  2. Oh sheeeet. Poor you that’s the pits!

    We’ve all said face palm things when we’re rattled. I happen to do it on an almost twice daily basis! Yay for me!

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