Happy Kate Bush Tickets Going On Sale Day!   Except, of course, the tickets were like the Holy Grail and were impossible to buy … unless you have £291 lying around (for 2 tickets.)  I don’t.  So my once in a lifetime opportunity to see her live came to an abrupt halt – 8 minutes after the tickets went on sale.


And I’m not the only one.  I had other friends maniacally searching for tickets as soon as the clock struck 9.30am and we all faced the same dilemmas.  Firstly, how much could we afford?  I mean seriously, these tickets are not cheap!  But that’s fine, it’s just us and the kids, or maybe our partner or a friend.  But if you add up the cost of 3-4 tickets we’re now talking £200-£500.


OK, so we now had to decide (and quickly) who we weren’t going to take.  Is my friend really that big a Kate Bush fan?  Do the kids really have to go?!  (No and no.)


Right … .we’ve now established we’re only looking for 1 ticket.


How hard can that be?




You’ve taken a grand total of 2 minutes to search for various permetations of ticket purchases and everything is sold out.  Apart from the hospitality packages of course.  Which is fine if you’re rich.


And THIS is why I rarely go and see big names in concert.  What an absolute tossing waste of time.


Kate Bush is overrated anyway.


But I had a Plan B.  I always have a Plan B.  Ask my kids.  So this Plan B involved searching for tickets to see Tori Amos in May who I have wanted to see for years.  She’s one of those artists who I fell in love with from a very early age.  Her ‘Under The Pink’ album was on repeat for years when I was a teenager and I still adore it.  The rest of her stuff is a little … quirky.  Her albums have been hit and miss but she’s a great performer … she plays 2 pianos at the same time.  (Don’t we all Tori?!)



So … I was now on a mission.  I went back onto Ticketmaster (stupid Ticketmaster) and …. no tickets were available.  BUT I could get some on their sister site, GetMeIn.


AND … she was playing at The Royal Albert Hall!


This time, I only searched for 1 ticket … I doubt very much anyone else has heard of her anyway, I had no hesitation in clicking ‘BUY TICKET.’


Because you see, as a single person, it’s all too easy to think, ‘Oh I’ll wait until I’m in a relationship before I go to Paris’, or ‘I can’t go to a concert on my own, even though I’ve wanted to see that artist for 25 years.’  And before you know it, you’re a 43 year old woman that’s never been to Paris or seen Tori Amos.


All that shit I’m missing out on, just because I’m single.


No, no, no.  Not anymore.  I may look 25 *cough*… but I’m not getting any younger and this year has all been about change so sod it.  I booked it.  It was expensive, but I got a great seat and it will so be worth it.  I’ll have to work out the logistics of getting to London mid-week sans Dexter later.


But for now … I’m basking in the glory of my success.


Kate Bush is overrated anyway.  Did I say that already?  *bitter face*




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  1. Ah I don’t know if it is still on, but Tori Amos wrote the music for a new musical at The National Theatre in Southbank, called The Light Princess – you should definitely go if you’re a Tori Amos fan. So innovative and wonderful

    Also, just a general plug for the NT – you can get tickets for £12 for all shows! It’s one of the best and cheapest things to do in London. Plus you never know, you might see Maggie Smith or Judi Dench just waltzing out onstage!

    (bloody Kate Bush)

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