Tara’s theme for this week’s Gallery is sport.  OK, OK, majorettes is probably not ‘technically’ a sport but I’m not really built for most forms of sport – running and trampolining are definitely out!  #thegirls  But I’ve been looking through some old photos this week as I prepare to put pretty much everything into storage following the house move, and I came across this photo.


Yes, it’s me … proof that actually I’m a natural blonde!  I did majorettes for five years, from aged 7 to 12 and I wasn’t really that good at it.  But I tried and I loved it.  There were a few majorette ‘superstars’ in our troupe and I was always a bit jealous that I just never really got the hang of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a demon at the twirling bit, but ask me to throw the baton in the air and catch it … hmm, not so great at that (vital) bit.


I had great fun though.  We were always performing at fetes and carnivals across Kent (we’re talking the 80’s here) and maybe, in some small way, it may have helped my confidence growing up – who knows?  I do remember being hacked off  that I was the one that always ended up carrying the bloody flag! (Pitfall of also being the tallest.)


I remember ‘choreographing’ routines with my friend Candy (I’ve never met another Candy in my life!) and my Mum spending hours ever so carefully sewing hundreds of sequins onto our leotards.  And me always taking it for granted.  But that’s mother’s love for you.


I have happy memories of being a majorette.  It taught me discipline and structure, made me feel part of a team and even though I might not have been that great at sport growing up (although my Dad was always convinced I could play netball and tennis for England), those 5 years were SO much fun.


I encourage Dexter to try out any sport he fancies and he’s currently in love with football.  He trains 3 times a week, and our weekends are pretty much taken up with it.  But I don’t mind one bit.  I did it for Ben (5 years of rugby) and I’ll do it for Dexter because even though I might not be a natural athlete, I want my boys to enjoy sport, no matter if they’re not the fastest or the ‘best.’  It’s what sport instils in you as a young person that’s important.





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  1. I am totally jealous – I longed to be a majorette, and was never allowed to. I spent hours twirling pencils as a fake baton, but that’s where my majoretting ended. Kudos to you for posting your leotard-wearing self here!

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