I seem to have lost all ability to write within the last couple of weeks.  It’s strange what moving house does to you.  All my time and energy has been channeled into making a new home for Dexter and I and everything else has gone by the wayside.


But we’ve been in our new home for six days now and things are finally coming together.  I’ve felt an enormous pressure to make this new life work as quickly as possible so we can get into a new routine and we can return to some normality.  (Although I’m not quite sure what normal is anymore but hey, I’m trying to work it out.)


Today was a bit of a momentous day (in my life anyway).  I built a kitchen table and chairs!  OK, I didn’t quite split an atom or cure the common cold but still, I’ve never done anything like that on my own before.  I nearly cracked at one point and called my brother … even got as far as texting him, but didn’t press send, and carried on trying to work out where my washers went.  So to speak.  The table was an absolute bargain from Furniture World (it has a small scratch on the top you can barely see) and the chairs were from an online shop – I umm’ed and aah’ed about the colour, asked Twitter (obvz) and just went for it.  The colour works great with the dark wood and white gloss kitchen units.


I know it sounds silly, me feeling such a sense of accomplishment over small things like this, but I felt the same when I installed the WiFi last week … AND I even renamed it!  At Dexter’s request, it’s now called ‘Old Papa John’s Wifi’.  Don’t ask, it’s a long story.


You see, these are the things that HE used to do.  Not because I’m not capable (clearly, as I’ve shown), but because I just think we fell into certain roles and it made him feel like ‘the man’ sorting out ‘technical and DIY stuff’ (badly) so I took a step back and let him get on with it.  It was always easier to ‘let him get on with it.’


And now here I am with no option BUT to get on with it myself.  So that’s what I’m doing.  It’s very liberating and who knows, maybe I will cure the common cold tomorrow … but only if I feel like it.  Although I’m not sure I’ll have the time – I’ve got 2 TV units to put together!


kate sutton



PS.  Sorry to those of you who were mis-led by the title … I’m not that kinda girl 🙂



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