Yesterday was one of days  where everything finally fell into place.  Believe me, days like that are a rarity.  It started out with lots of tip runs, a quick Costa pit-stop and bubble wrapping of bottles of black vodka that I had found at the back of my cupboard (which I’d cleverly hidden by out of date Doritos .. so cleverly in fact, that I’d completely forgotten it was there.)


It ended with me finding a house to live in.  (Yay!)


I had decided to be really proactive in the morning and rang every estate agent in my town to get myself put on their books so I would get a phone call before the property even hit Rightmove.  I was finding rental properties were being snapped up really quickly, which still surprises me bearing in mind how extortionate I think the rents are. Anyway, I spoke to one agent and he mentioned he may have a suitable house for me but that it was, of course, slightly over budget. I agreed to see it, pondered for a while and called him back to cancel the appointment. I just felt that for that price I wanted a house that was in my preferred area.  When I explained all of this to the agent, he said that another house had just come in to them whilst we were talking that might be more suitable, and was I interested in having a look? Again, the house wasn’t in the town I live in now but it wasn’t so far away that it wasn’t doable.  I had already decided that I would stay local for at least six months so that I could plan my longer term move better.


Within the hour I had met the agent outside the property and we both went in to meet the lady whose house it was.  It was love at first sight!  With the house, not the woman, as lovely as she was.  I immediately got The Feeling. Even with a yappy little dog jumping up and biting me, I fell in love with it straight away. You could see that the owner had put a lot of time, energy and money into refurbishing the house, and it showed. It was stylish, with dark wooden floors, artwork I would have chosen myself, clean, neat, airy, light, with a huge garden to top it off. Upstairs was just as lovely.


Myself and the landlady didn’t stop talking. About her plans to travel to China and how I was a writer, a single mum and a latecomer to actually doing what I wanted for a change. We talked about our mutual wanderlust and desire to live life to the full.  The poor agent didn’t get a look in as we chatted as we pottered around the house. I got the impression that it was really important for this woman to actually like the person that would move into her home. I told her that were I to move forward with the rental of her property, I would look after her house like it was my own home.


I said goodbye and told the agent outside I loved the house.  I wanted it as much as I wanted a slab of cake, ie. a lot.  However, we both knew that there was a second viewer due in three hours’ time so the ball really was in the landlady’s court.


Would she go with me or him? (Bearing in mind that the other viewer was a professional football player!)


I didn’t have long to wait and within 10 minutes got the phone call from my agent to say that she really liked me (thank God) and as long as I paid the agents their admin fee before 5 o’clock, the house was mine.


I am probably reading too much into all of this … but it just was one of those things that felt so right.  I was meant to ring that particular agent that day, the very day they were instructed to rent the property out, and it just really feels like a good fit. It is a temporary move, but it gives me security and breathing space to decide what to do next.


I’m really excited and just need to focus on finishing the packing of my house by Friday at 1pm. I’ve done it all by myself and I’m quite proud of that.  23 years worth of life sold, thrown away, or packed into boxes … but I did it.


It’s the home stretch.  Onwards.





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  1. things have a habit of happening for a reason. Good luck (you won’t need it), have a happy spell in your new home. Who knows who you will meet in this new location?

  2. Kate, some things are obviously just meant to be. So glad you found the house, sorry that the leopard print sofa has to go, but this sounds like such a positive step. xx

  3. LOVE it when a plan comes together! It’s SO true – you totally “know” when a place is right, and I bet from how well you were getting on with the landlady you knew it would come your way. These things have a habit of working out! Hugs sweet lady – enjoy those wooden floors and new chapter! x

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