Today’s theme for Tara’s ‘The Gallery‘ project is … ‘Guilty Pleasures.’


I have LOADS.  From an obsessions with Riverdance and white chocolate, to the TLC Channel and Millionaire Matchmaker, believe me … it’s probably best not to mention the others.


This particular guilty pleasure was one I indulged in this morning – cold, burnt toast, with lashings of butter AND peanut butter – awesome.  It’s best if the toast is seeded, much more flavourful, but Dexter bought the bread this week so invariably it’s white.  Oh, and if you think you can eat it using margarine, think again.  Butter all the way.  Same goes for crunchy or smooth peanut butter.  Crunchy.  Every.  Time.


What?  Cold, burnt toast is weird?  Yeah, it’s not, it’s ace  … and YOU SHUT UP.


What’s your guilty pleasure?



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  1. That’s not burnt, that’s perfectly cooked.
    I love my toast exactly the same way. I butter the toast though when it’s cold not hot…yum yum

  2. Oh no I can’t eat cold toast. It has to be nice and crunch and warm. Plenty of butter though. Definitely agree with you on that one.

  3. Not cold. Not burnt. But butter and crunchy peanut butter? Yes please. I LOVE Lord of the Dance which I think is superior to Riverdance – I have seen it live twice and have the DVD….

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