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I haven’t done a ‘Things I Like This Week’ post for a few weeks … because I haven’t liked anything.  And because of the whole “YOU HAVE TO BE OUT OF YOUR HOUSE IN 2 WEEKS” thing.


Anyway, I’ve just come back from a weekend in Bournemouth to visit the eldest and thought I’d share a few things with you:



Oh my.  Pizza … food of the Gods.  Have tried out a new delivery place this week and (unfortunately for my arteries) it’s delicious.  Bigged it up on Twitter, tweeted photos, got everyone jealous – managed 2 paltry slices.  Pathetic.





This is The Living Room in Bournemouth, where we stayed this week.  I didn’t want to stay with a hotel chain for this trip, fancied something a little more personal and a few people mentioned The Living Room.  It’s a B&B with 7 rooms and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Great food (and coffee shop), people were lovely – bad choice on the whole ‘twin room’ thing (I’m not built for a single bed) and the wifi wasn’t great which, for me, was like my right arm had been severed.  Other than that, highly recommend it!




Now I know I ‘may’ be a little bit obsessed with leopard print … and I wouldn’t ‘really’ wear a leopard print hat (would I?) … but it was nice shopping for holiday bits and pieces.  I haven’t actually booked a holiday, and Dexter hasn’t been abroad for 7 years, but I really think we deserve one so I might bite the bullet, funds permitting, and book one!




Even though I’m a plus size woman, I have no compunction WHATSOEVER about wearing a bikini on a beach.  Honestly, never cared about what other people think about me so if I want to wear a bikini … a bikini will be worn!  Having said that … everyone likes a cover-up when they go to the bar for another San Miguel and this one from Primani (£8) fits the bill.




STILL on the hunt for a bloody handbag but of course, spring is nearly here and I’ve completely gone off winter colours.  Still, this bag from Clarks at £79.99 is lovely but … tad pricey.





The strangest thing happened this week.  A guy I’ve dated a few times in the past sent me some new Converse.  Way.


Men are weird.



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