Better late than never, here’s my entry to this week’s Gallery … the theme is ‘weather.’

I took this photo today on my way back from London.  That’s not a lake you can see, but flooded fields, a few towns away from where I live in Kent.  I was really shocked to see such floods so close to me.  I’ve watched the floods on the TV and been appalled at what I’ve seen but I’ve always felt really removed from what I’ve seen.  I think when it doesn’t affect you personally, it feels like it’s another world away.

Today was a reminder that actually, it’s closer than I thought and I am very, very lucky.


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  1. Absolutely this Kate. Here in my corner of the Midlands we are very blessed that we have just a few giant puddles to negotiate – I see the flooding on the TV and it’s so hard to comprehend

  2. And the sky says it all…. a glimmer of light surrounded by threatening storm clouds. I hope we get more light and less rain soon. I need the springtime


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