Aaaah … Valentine’s Day, the curse of the Singleton.  The one day a year that is designed specifically to make single people feel like utter losers.  I look forward to this day as much as my annual smear.  (Which reminds me, I really must make that appointment.)


However, it really isn’t so bad.  Once you ignore the smug couples sending each other Facebook messages about how much they love each other (they deserve to be single just for doing that), the colour red EVERYWHERE … and women walking past you with bunches of flowers looking at you with pity, then actually being single on Valentine’s Day can be pretty awesome.


1. You’re Single!

The longer I remain single, the more convinced I am that actually … being single is where it’s at.  Not just on Valentine’s Day.  The freedom, the lack of stress, sole control of the remote – trust me, these things are not to be taken for granted.  Yes, Valentine’s Day can make you feel like you’re the only person with no date at prom … but who wants to go to Prom anyway!!!    (Disclaimer:  I have the right to take back everything I said once I’ve fallen in love again.)


2. You’re Not In A Rubbish Relationship

Trust me on this one, there is nothing worse than being in a relationship that makes you (and everyone around you) miserable *wise face*.  I understand why people stay in relationships that don’t work, and it’s normally for all the right reasons, but nothing NOTHING is worth that misery.  Trust me. Making that decision to be on your own is scary … but once you’ve made it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago.


3. All The Cake

… and flowers, and chocolates, and wine and anything you want!  Being single on Valentine’s Day means that you don’t have to wait for someone else to treat you – that’s just a waste of valuable wine-drinking time.  Do what I did this week … buy something that makes you happy.   You don’t need anyone’s permission.  You don’t have to complain to your friends that Dave hasn’t even text you ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ yet … let alone bought you a card.  Being single takes away all of that pressure on V Day.  Plus, all that money you’ve saved by not spending it on someone else, means that technically it really should all be spent on you.  It is the law.  I checked.


4. Get Your Flirt On

I have to admit to being a little rusty at the whole flirting thing but I’m pretty sure I’ve still got it going on.  A bit.  I love the freedom of doing what I like, when I like … with who I like!  Whether it’s guilt-free flirting or sleeping diagonally in my bed, I am a free spirit!  It’s pretty liberating.  I can send a V Day card to someone … just because.  I can accept a drink from a sexy stranger, although (A) it’s always wise to check it’s not been spiked with Rohypnol and (B) no sexy strangers ever buy me drinks.  But the point is, I could if I wanted!


5. You’re Not Alone

It might feel like you’re the only single person alive on Valentine’s Day but trust me, you’re not.  Valentine’s Day … well, it’s just another day.  Do something special, be kind to yourself, don’t shave your legs … and remember that Singleitis isn’t a disease, it’s something to be celebrated.  Even if The One is just around the corner, enjoy this period of being single.  Just like the last Krispy Kreme, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.


I’m not a hater, one of those anti-Valentine’s Day campaigners but I do believe that if you ARE in a relationship, you shouldn’t need ‘a day’ to make your partner feel special.


But what do I know?






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  1. Don’t get me started on this Valentines bollocks… I have already been told not to be grumpy and not share my opinions on this rancid day …

      1. even if she doesn’t, tough … I show it every day of the year… you will see when you see what surprise I have for her birthday !

  2. I’m in a relationship, and Valentine’s Day is still just another day. I really don’t give a damn. But the chocolate is nice.

    P.S. I lurve you….

  3. We don’t do Valentine’s day, other than getting each other a card, we prefer doing fun, nice stuff for each other any day of the year. It just seems so forced “you must show that you love your partner, whether you like it or not!”
    There’s a saying in French you might like “il vaut mieux être seul(e) que mal accompagné(e)” which means “it’s better to be single than badly accompanied”, and I will take single over a crappy relationship any day of the week. Enjoy star-shaped sleeping 🙂

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