I’ve been tagged by the lovely Liz Jarvis of The Mum Blog infamy (infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me … ) to choose a photo from my past that means a lot to me.  A moment in time I’d like to relive.  Where to start?!!


 There are so many photos I could have chosen but this one (above) has recently presented itself to me and I thought it would be perfect.


Once you’ve digested everything in this photo, I think I should explain.  It’s me (on the left) on a night out with my Mum and Dad.  I almost don’t want to explain the photo – I think it’s genius without explaining!  If you knew my Mum, she was very funny, but pretty straightlaced.  She wore big Deidre Barlow glasses and ‘normal’ Mum clothes.  Same with Dad really.  Just normal parents that I love(d) very much.


(I probably should mention that we sadly lost Mum 9 years ago.)


My brother recently found this photograph as he’s packing up to move house (just like me!) and we worked out it was taken 15 years ago … which would make me about 12.  OK, it would make me 28.  We were actually at a fancy dress party for a couple of good friends (if you hadn’t already guessed) and I think everyone’s reaction was epic, especially when they saw Mum.  I doubt the poor woman saw a thing that night without her glasses!


I remember putting soap on her hair to make it into a Mohican and ripping holes in her best tights – she was adamant she got the punk look ‘just right.’  Quite possibly THE most surreal moment in my life … and I’ve had a fair few!  As for Dad, well that man never ages!   I suspect he looked exactly the same when he was 20!


As for me … quite why I decided to be a slutty nun, I’m not sure.  I hope there’s not another deep meaning to it, other than thinking it would be fun!  Love the red lips and bottle of beer in my hand!  And look at my face!  I’m not sure if it’s a look of “What the HELL am I doing?” or whether I’m actually just a little drunk.


I could have picked any photo from thousands and I’m sure there would have been a funny/touching story behind each one of them.  But quite frankly I don’t have the time.


But this photo rocks.


I’m tagging Laura, Sarah, Kate, Vicki and Aimee.  You lucky lot.  The idea is you write your post, link back to mine and then tag 5 of your own.




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  1. I love this photo, your parents are the coolest folks that ever lived. I love you even more now and I didn’t think that was possible! Thanks for tagging me-wow better get the albums out! x

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