A couple of weeks ago, Waitrose asked me to get involved with a ‘Thank You’ campaign they were running.  The idea is that they were going to send me a bottle of champagne and a £25 Waitrose voucher for me to give to someone as a thank you for something they had done for me.


I immediately thought of my best friend Jo, who I’ve spoken about before, and who has been a massive support to me of late.  I thought it would be a nice idea for her to have a romantic night in with her new fella … SEEING AS I CAN’T DO THAT BECAUSE I’M SINGLE.


Anyway, to cut a long story short … we ended up changing the plan so that I could get in on the action instead!  OK … I changed the plan.  I invited her and her son round for tea at ours on Saturday, promising that I’d buy lots of lovely goodies for us all to share.  I also had the champagne chilling in the fridge.  For us, not the boys that is.


In the meantime, I went and had a fairly drunken evening the night before they were due round but because I’d promised to do the Waitrose shop  on Saturday, and Jo and her son were all organised to come round at 6pm, I had to go shopping, whether I liked it or not.


And this is where it all went a little Pete Tong.


Never … ever … shop when you’re hungover.  It’s torture.  Everyone was in my way (they weren’t) … I was tired, constantly thirsty, glugging out of unpaid for (as yet) bottles of water as I walked around the shop and most of all, poor old Dexter bore the brunt of my bad mood.


I rarely shop in Waitrose – my nearest Waitrose is just too far away from where I live unfortunately, but the one in Bluewater where we went was beautiful.  You can even stop for coffee and cake or champagne and lunch IN THE SHOP.  Nearest I get to that in Sainsburys is when we’re lucky enough to have a food or drink demonstrator  offering us free cubes of Cheddar and sips of soya milk.


The whole experience was wasted on me.  I was surrounded by £1,200 bottles of Veuve Cliquot and cup cakes galore.  I could, under normal circumstances, have spent hours in the cold meat section alone (but that’s another story.)


I’m explaining all of this because this is what I ended up buying:


Diet Coke


Kettle Chips and dip


Fruit (who was I kidding?)

Chocolate puddings

Chicken wings

And … the coupe de grace … a tub of vanilla cake icing.




Jo text me and asked if I had it all under control (she knows me too well that woman.)  I blagged it and said, “Yeah yeah, it’ll be fine.  Totally under control.”  I think by this point I was just in denial.


I got home and went straight to bed.  I was in desperate need of a Nanna Nap, and an hour later, I woke up marginally brighter.  Jo and her son arrived and I began the rehydration process with 2 cans of the Diet Coke.  The boys were hungry, as always, but before I put the chicken wings in the oven, I laid all the food out so I could take a photo:



Suffice to say, it’s not the most balanced grocery shop I’ve ever done.



But the funny thing is, it was a brilliant evening.  The kids played Minecraft, or whatever nonsense is on their iPods, Jo and I talked about Botched Up Bodies (the programme, not actual bodies we knew,) our love lives (or lack of in my case) and managed to judge at least 5 people from afar.  We followed that up by being armchair critics for The Voice on BBC1 and proceeded to eat the chicken, dips, and chocolate cake that Jo had brought round – all washed down with ice cold champagne.







So it might not have been the most sophisticated evening … but I am glad I got the opportunity to show Jo (in a very unique way) how special she is.


Best night I’ve had in ages.





Sponsored post (sort of).  Waitrose kindly sent me the voucher and champagne.  All views my own, obvz.



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  1. I’m not gonna lie, the thought of a hungover you stumbling around Waitrose picking up random items (no doubt under the judgemental gaze of many a middle-class pensioner) is making me chuckle! Also, next time you’re hungover and near a Waitrose, try their own-brand chocolate milkshake and maple pecan yum-yums. Like nectar, they are.

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