You know when you’re asked to do a review of a product, and you start writing it … then your kid asks for dinner (selfish), and then you have to help with their homework … and then Millionaire Matchmaker comes on, and then you have to wash up, and then you have to clean the bath again because your son got covered in mud at football, and then you need to try and schedule some sleep somewhere … and then by that time, you’ve forgotten to write the post completely?


Yeah.  That.


Anyway, always true to my word/better late than never etc.


We were very kindly sent some vouchers by JD Sports and I had the choice of whether to buy something for myself or Dexter.  I thought that if I chose something sporty for myself that might mean I’d have to actually … well, do some sport, so I chose 3 items for Dexter instead.


A quick aside … I asked Dexter to pose for these pics whilst he was in the middle of playing Minecraft.  Hence The Face.


First up:




Weirdly, all the clothes I chose were navy and grey.  This one, as you can see, is an Adidas jumper – probably in a 13 year old size.




This is more of a ‘going out’ top, not that we actually go out, but still, it’s there if we do!  I think he looks very handsome and grown up in this one.




Says Sonetti by the pocket.  Not sure who Sonetti is but he sure must be a sharp dresser!




Dexter loves a checked shirt.  I mean LOVES them.  He has loads (all from a charity shop mind you) so he was rather excited to have a ‘proper’ one.  Again, the size is a 13 year old (he’s 9) but he IS a big boy – the clothes certainly don’t come up small.


I’ve never thought of shopping at JD Sports for casual/not necessarily sporty clothes and I think I’d shop there again.  Shopping for boys is hard and, if I’m honest, it’s not a whole lot of fun – there’s never a huge range in the shops for boys.  But JD does offer good quality clothes at a good price and that’s what’s important.


I also think that if Dexter is happy wearing these clothes (even if he doesn’t look it!) it’s definitely worth shopping there again.



This is a sponsored post – I was given vouchers.  All views my own.  Obvz.

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