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Did I ever mention that time I tried online dating?  I did?!?


OK, OK … I know I’ve talked about dating A LOT on this blog … (and my other secret dating blog that no-one knows about but I’ll tell you about if you like because it’s not really that much of a secret anymore,) but that’s because I’m a romantic at heart.  No matter how tough life has got, I have always felt in the pit of my gloriously rotund stomach, that love is waiting for me.  Somewhere.


Plus, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had along the way!


I occasionally have online dating breaks.  I go from thinking it’s ace (which it can be) to thinking it’s hard work (which it can be.)  Sometimes it’s a frame of mind and energy thing – I think you need to be in a certain place *taps head* to be up for the ‘challenge’ of online dating.


For professional women like me, it’s ideal.  It’s quick, easy, men are plentiful (and often quick and easy)  … and honestly … I’ve just never been sure how else I can find dates.  (Strange men approaching me in the street aside.)


Which brings me neatly onto this.  There’s a new dating site in town.  They’re called Just Singles (although they have an array of accompanying dating sites to suit most tastes) and they’ve given me a challenge:


3 Dates in 3 Months = (#3dates3mths)


It’s in bold and everything.


Kate Sutton

Practising Le Pout


The idea is that I go on three random dates in three months (clue’s in the title.)  The catch is … only one can be from Just Singles – the other 2 have to be of my own making.  Whether it’s starting a conversation in a supermarket and asking someone out, to chatting to someone in a coffee shop, or going to a gig (gig? Last gig I went to was Alexander O’Neil in 1987).  But you get the gist.


I don’t know what date will come first – I suspect fate will have a hand in that!  But you will, of course (as ever!) be the first to know what happens.


All I can say is this … the men of Kent better be prepared.





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