So last week I shared some photos of things I’d seen that I really liked (but couldn’t afford to buy mind you) so thought I’d do the same this week!


First up:



I don’t NEED a new bag … but you know what it’s like, new season ‘n all.  Anyway, this bright pink bag caught my eye in River Island.  I believe it was about £45 which, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t probably pay.  But … I can’t stop thinking about it!  I think it would be awesome as my new work bag.





This was another River Island bag.  Also perfect for work.  DAMN YOU RIVER ISLAND!







I’m looking at the necklace, not the rogue loafer.  It’s £17.50 from M&S and I think it would look awesome with a white vest and jeans in the summer.  Trouble is, being blessed with ‘the girls’ means that necklaces tend to do their own thing.  They don’t sit where they should and often swirl around 360.  But still … it’s pretty.




I’ve been after an off-white jacket for like AGES.  This one from M&S fits the bill perfectly as it’s fitted, collarless and I think would flatter my figure. Presumed I wouldn’t be able to afford it so didn’t even look at the price.  Gorge though.





It’s that time of the month (not THAT time) … where I have to cover up the 2 (cough) grey hairs I have.   I thought I’d try Tresemme’s new Keratin Smooth range of shampoo and conditioner.  Their Beauty Oil is awesome so I have high hopes.  I also use Superdrug’s Mango Copper Burst hair dye which I think gives a good coverage for my thick hair.


So there you have it.  I’d imagine if I lived in London the range of things I like each week would be a LOT bigger … but I don’t.


But this stuff made me smile.




PS.  The print in the main picture is from M&S and pretty apt 🙂



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